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SMR 191: SuperFly

Rod is joined by TKO from The Fiyastarter.com Podcast to review the blaxploitation opus “SuperFly.”

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  1. brooklynshoebabe

    I can’t wait to see it based on reviews and Father’s Day episode.

  2. FalconsDiva

    I loved this movie!! I was planning to see it before Rod talked about it during the Father’s Day episode but after his mini review (much of which I fast forwarded through), I made it a priority. Unfortunately, I messed around and saw the ending before the beginning. I went to a 1:15 showing on a Thursday. It was in theater 11. Would you believe I sauntered straight into the 11:15 showing in theater 10?!?! It was 1:20 and I made a note to complain to the theater that they didn’t have the obligatory 20 minutes of previews. I walked in on the scene where Priest fought the cop. I’m eating my popcorn, thankful that I did listen to Rod’s description of the first scene so maybe I didn’t miss much. If y’all could have seen my face when the credits started to roll!!! Then I sauntered my behind over to the right theater and watched from the beginning, LOL.

    The worst thing about going by myself was not having anyone to talk to. And the theater was pretty empty so when I said “Is that Roddy White?!?!” out loud, it didn’t bother anyone. However I do think I was on the nerves of my row mate by the end of the movie. I hollered at so many things that weren’t supposed to be funny. I love that the movie was SO ATLANTA! When Priest was like “make sure you take her to Grady Hospital” I couldn’t contain myself. That line was so true but it was also funny because it was so blatant.

    I’ve been telling everyone to go see this movie and I agree, I think it will become a black cult classic.

  3. Selester63

    Yeah man I enjoyed this movie. Like you said it’s basically Blaxploitation 2018 and I was there for it. Loved the way the scenes were shot with lots of action, music, beautiful women and that Atlanta skyline at night. Shout out to Director X, Trevor Jackson and entire cast for doing a good job. And that “No Shame” song is definitely stuck in my head…..LOL

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