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1707: Let It Burn

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Rod and Karen discuss Rod’s random thoughts, the latest Supreme Court rulings, that’s low income in San Fran, Donald Glover accused of stealing song, traits of empathic people, Kanye defends his TMZ slavery comments, Permit Patty was dirty, woman assaults black boy at pool, white man blocks black doctor from her home, Penn mayor wants protestors fire hosed, white people call the cops on black firefighter, NJ couple celebrate anniversary at Burger King, man arrested for upskirt photos, man sprinkles cocaine on police and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Symone

    Hey y’all. My eyes started sweating when you talked about empaths losing themselves in relationships. It is so easy for an empathetic person to go from being supportive, to taking on someone’s problems or stress. Emotional vampires too? Yeah, I am googling articles now, because this segment hit me way too hard.

  2. TanyaW42

    I totally related to the introvert traits, except for the fear of intimacy one. But emotional vampires are real and so toxic. I think the most annoying to me are the “poor me” folks, but they are all bad.

  3. Danielle Sew

    I don’t think This Is America sounds like the other song. The only similarities I hear are the Afrocentric beat. Everything else pretty much stands on it’s own.

    When yall got to the black firefighter having the police called on him and started making jokes and playing those burning songs had me in tears laughing. Then you played Ohio Players and that took me out. I had to cover my mouth from laughing so hard in order not to wake my family up. I haven’t laughed like that all week. Thanks for that!

  4. Anonymous

    I love when you play the old Spider-Man cartoon theme music. Or is it meme music now? It always makes me laugh.

  5. FalconsDiva

    Hey Rod and Karen!!!

    Rod, I had to laugh at your story about wearing your Black Twitter CSI shirt. I was actually in NC the first time I wore my hoodie. I always talk about going to Charlotte to visit family but to be more specific, my Aunt lives in Granite Quarry, NC. If you’re not familiar, its a small town next to Salisbury. Anyway I was handling business around town and the white people were SO nice and helpful! One lady at the bank was giving me all kinds of information. She was like “I’m not supposed to give you this, but…” I was amazed because in all the years that my Aunt and Uncle lived there, I’d never received customer service at that level. Then I noticed the lady looking very intently at the badge on my hoodie and I realized what was going on, LOL.

    Every last one of those empath traits listed apply to me. It’s funny because this is the first time I’ve read one of these lists and agreed with everything. I have 2 sisters and I’m in the middle. One is a victim and the other is a drama queen. I always screen their calls. Recently I’ve had to interact with them more than usual due to family stuff. I had to put our group text on do not disturb and just check in periodically when I’m emotionally ready.

    Another great show as always.

  6. Anonymous

    I have found that people sometimes give extroverts a bad rap. I love being around people to the point that I’m left by myself after they (most of my friends are introverts) are finished with the night. I hope people understand that extroverts have hardships too with being lonely. I’m an empath too, and one ofour traits is that we can see ourselves in ALL situations. My friends will say, “I could never be that type of person ” and when I say that I can, they look at me like I’m crazy. Even the most atrocious types are only a step away, and I recognize that I’m no better than them given the situation.

  7. Greg Wilson

    I have been an Aquarium Maintenance company owner for 13 years. I have maintained aquariums for a living for 20 years. I have had clients who pay me thousands of dollars a year just not believe what I tell them until a white guy confirms it.

    Client: Hey can u make my 5 foot long carnivorous eel stop eating the other fish.

    Me: No you can’t its basically a wild animal and it will do what this species of eel does which is eat everything. They are apex predators that eat sharks. If you want Nemo u have to get rid of the Eel.

    Client: I’ll call Billy my old maintenance guy and see what he says. (Billy is white and they fired him because he sucked at his job)

    5 mins later

    Client: Billy says they eat everything and that they are not compatible with anything…….Do you think you could over feed it and that will keep it from eating the fish?

    Me: No for two reasons. 1 they can and will throw up food so they can eat better food. 2. Why eat previously frozen fish/shrimp when U can have fresh fish.

    Client: I’ll call Billy and get back to you.

  8. Mizzanderson

    I love Donald Glover, and could care less if he stole the song or not, but soon as the song started playing I thought it sounded like This is America. Now I gotta go back through the episodes and see if you heard Yani or Laurel.

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