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1711: Sharkaganda

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Rod and Karen discuss some random thoughts, NYPD cops get demoted, Roseanne offered more shows, diverse movies make more money, weed regulation, Maxine Waters has no fear, Trump supporter pulls gun on crowd, Tyler Perry talks with Mo’Nique, Michigan polluter panels, Detroit children literacy, black funeral kicked out of church, Jay-Z Zimmerman line, woman fired for racism, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Trey_swindu744

    Thank you Karen for those thoughts -because all of what you said was the truth,the funk and the hook!


  2. Kaycan

    Let me tell yall, I got my entire life to this episode. I was in a big box shopping and I spent more time pulling over laughing. The Sharks and hand bun, took me out! People thought I was crazy.

    Yall owe me money too. I spent double with my unconscious shopping listening TBWTs! Lol

    And get some Pink Lady apples!

  3. Evie E

    I love you Karen. I just really needed to say that.

  4. reallydarkknight

    When Rod said he might do a show after having a root canal, I can’t be the only one who thought, “no more shows this week.”

    I mean…

  5. Coquinegra124

    I strenuously object to the wording of the poll. Granny Smiths are decent apples, but the best? Nah, Rod, unless you are cooking them. Honeycrisp, Pink Lady , and Crispins are the best apples for eating, while there are a few decent enough to cook, eating them as a kid made me hate apples for YEARS.

  6. trey_swindu744

    “That girl wasn’t hiding her finger from a shark ,but a shark from her finger.”…lol.


  7. sakurapendragon

    Sorry not sorry but Pink Lady apples are the best

  8. Rae

    Hey guys! Just wanted to point out some of the issues Californians are experiencing ever since Prop 64 passed. Each city or town has the option of excluding marijuana dispensaries from their neighborhood. As you can imagine, combined with the state’s limited award of dispensary licenses, that has severely cut many options for potheads like myself. For instance, most of the counties around San Diego have shut down any that were in operation. If I had to guess, it feels like 90% of them have gone out of business. So many in fact that there’s a handful of owners who find another storefront and reopen illegally. The legal dispensaries have hiked up prices in addition to the tax and literally gentrified the selling of weed. Imagine standing in a line of white folks of various ages as one of two (three at the most) black people in the building, while Tupac plays over the speaker. *shudders*. In Trump’s America my anxiety has skyrocketed when in white spaces, hence the visit in the first place. I only visited Colorado for a couple of months but from what I saw, it’s a similar situation over there. I’m not against the legalization and the regulation of weed, I’m against the big business that has taken over the industry due to the state. I’m also concerned about black people getting pushed out of a culture that was demonized because we did it. I’m an advocate for using the state for good but this is when it goes wrong.

    Not to make my comment too long, you both have been speaking words that are so needed, for weeks now. Karen’s rant about being a black woman made me as proud as I was of Auntie Maxine! Ya’ll make me so proud and thankful for the work you do. Let me get my money right, so you can get my coins!

  9. Jay P

    When Rod started going off about the sharks and hands being like buns it reminded me of the episode of Gumball when it was the end of the world and birds we’re sitting in front of the kid who is a piece toast and he was eating a sandwich. He threw the sandwich on the floor and then ask what else do you want and the birds started attacking him. We are the toast so stupid.

  10. Anonymous

    Let me tell you something about feeding sharks by hand: your hand is part of the meal. This made me laugh so hard! Bun Hands!

  11. Ye F.

    Karen went off and I LIVED!!!

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