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SMR 192: Uncle Drew

Rod is joined by John to discuss the NBA free agency and Uncle Drew. It’s a great conversation that’s not just about the movie. Enjoy.

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  1. brooklynshoebabe

    My daughters and I enjoyed this movie a lot. The super black audience ad-libbing during the film made it better. It’s nice to go to a movie where people cheer at the end. I especially liked that Lil Rey made a Get Out reference. Finally, my 11 year old also felt that the Dax character was actually supposed to be Kevin Hart.


    Chris Webber surprised the hell out of me in Uncle Drew. I didn’t think he’d go full preacher & be the best character in this film. Matter of Fact, I enjoyed most of the characters in this film, as I felt that most of the actors & former basketball players just enjoyed themselves. Even John Calapari got a dig in on Kyrie (My low-key favorite moment of the movie) I didn’t enjoy Nick Kroll, Lil Rey Howery or Tiffany Haddish, unfortunately, since, I felt their characters were just there & their attempts at comedy didn’t work for me. Besides that, what’s here is good, for the most part.

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