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SMR 193: Ocean’s Eight

Rod and Karen review the latest heist movie in the Ocean’s franchise, “Ocean’s Eight.” We discuss some trailers and your feedback as well.


  1. thatTish

    I really enjoyed this movie. I was tipsy for the first part of it but I’m pretty sure I would have enjoyed it even if I weren’t. I love that all the women had their own reasons for getting in on the job. But I’m still not sure how exactly Sarah Paulson’s character was scamming with all that stuff in her garage…

    I cringed at the beginning when Sandra conned the hotel into a free night. I work at a hotel and that situation would be a nightmare to try and iron out once that couple checked their account . Luckily, the hotel I work at is small enough that it’s obvious when there’s a random nigga just sitting in the lobby who doesn’t have a room.

    And my GAWD, Rihanna looked gorgeous! When she and Sandra were in that restaurant listening to that office meeting, I was distracted by the how the lighting just made her glow.


    My only major drawback of Ocean’s 8, is Richard Artimage’s character. Somebody who could convey suave & intimidation, like Andy Garcia in Ocean’s 11 could’ve turned, and otherwise solid movie into a great one. That being said, I enjoyed the camaraderie of the ladies of this movie & there wasn’t this battle between these ladies of who’s the best to lead the team like in the Clooney/Pity Ocean’s film. Everyone’s wants their cut, live free & be happy. I do wish Sandra Bullock was given more funny material. Otherwise, she did her thing.

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