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TNO 113: Hashtag Mesa Too

Rod, Aaron and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Idris to be the bad guy in Hobbs movie, Omega Labyrinth Z cancelled, Deadpool 2, Alamo Drafthouse getting movie pass service, Jared Leto to star in Morbius, Disney can buy Fox, Facebook groups may start charging, Facebook combating TV spoilers, Patrick Stewart may return to Star Trek, Indiana Jones 5 delayed, Final Fantasy 7 remake, Star Wars game, Netflix getting kung fu series, Chris Hardwick’s exes defend him, Yvette Nicole Brown moderating Walking Dead panel, Shenmue 3 storage requirement, Baby Driver sequel, Jar Jar Binks actor, games will be digital by 2022, Child’s Play remake, Jurassic World reaches a billion, Star Wars Resistance, Infinity War Thanos cut, Sopranos prequel, Walking Dead season 9 going to DC, Fear The Walking Dead lawsuit, Halo live action TV show, live action Gundam movie, LA’s finest picked up, Deepfakes could make revenge porn worse, Batman Animated Series, Stan Lee and Guild Wars 2.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hello Karen, Rod, and Aaron,

    Don’t nobody know what is happening with the Orgy-con refunds, but Kriss is on youtube flossing all his new Comic-Con gear…..hmmmmmmm.

    Man is it me or is Cloak and dagger one of the best shows no one talks about? When people talk about updating characters and stories for new age this is the shit that should be in dictionary as the definition. The show is beautifully shot, you know they are in new orleans , the music is not random it always ties into the scene, and effects are on point. I love the scene when Ty’s dad took him to the hood and showed him he is use to bang. It didn’t past judgement on the lifestyle but showed t it had a unique history all it’s own.

    I know Rod hates this but I am going to suggest a show to watch, it is only 13 eps on Amazon prime. It is called Amazon Riders, it’s a more adult oriented spinoff of Japan’s Kamen Rider series. It’s about a group of humans that fight monsters that was accidentally released by a (evil)corporation. The monsters can live among humans for a bout a year until they start craving increasing amounts of protein. Then they start eating motherfuckers. Warning it is a bit graphic, arms and legs get ripped off and that is just the stuff the heroes do.

    One last thing, Deku is the Sterling K Brown of anime characters, crying all the damn time.

    Take care


  2. Amani

    This nigga really said #MeesaToo. I can’t stand none of y’all.

    But Clone Wars! We back!!! I guess this was the ending Filoni and them originally wanted. I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense yet, give me more Ahsoka and I’m good.

    I really have to hand it to Rod. I didn’t realize how brilliant his plan was to give DC a fresh slate and be nice this year. They have nothing coming out until Aquaman in December, what could they possibly mess up that any of us care about? Then they hit that “Fuck Batman” Titans trailer…Oh well, it was a almost a perfect plan.

    And fucking Elon Musk. I’m glad y’all have been banging the drum that this nigga was a goddamn super villain because yo! This feels like the middle of the movie where he goes on satellite and starts demanding ransom and folks are shocked the obviously evil dude wasn’t just a simple businessman. He’s calling dudes pedophiles because they didn’t want his bullshit rocket, donating to Republicans, blocking unions and fake helping in Flint. When is James Bond showing up?

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