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1723: A Bit On The Nose

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Rod and Karen discuss different types of apples, Tarantula Hawk Wasp, Fried Rice Syndrome, Arkansas restricts abortion pills, wedding ring costs correlate to marriage length,Dollar General racism, Wawa racism, black conservatives kicked out of an Uber, bad date bandit, pigs blood revenge, woman bites of lady’s nose and sword ratchetness.

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  1. sakurapendragon

    Thanks for the taste test! Though my heart knew the truth it was great to hear such positive feedback on the pink lady apples. You guys are the best!

  2. reallydarkknight

    I am convinced that this rash of White folx threatening to call the police on POC must be some kind of contest to go see their president. Also for some reason, these people don’t think Black Twitter CSI hasn’t found all of them. I don’t care about them crying on the Summer Jam screen either. Cry your ass right to the unemployment line!

  3. Trappin' is a hobby

    You guys inspired me to try some new types of apples. I picked up a Fuji and a Pink Lady apple. I think the Pink Lady was actually Grannie Smith back in her hoe’in days. That apple was like a less than perfect Grannie Smith with potential. It’s the apple Grannie made before she really knew what she was doing. It’s now my second fave.

  4. Turq

    Hi Guys,

    I really appreciate the apple taste tests. I usually only eat Red Delicious and Pink Lady apples. Now due to your tests, I will also try a Fuji or maybe more.



  5. CT

    Let me tell y’all something: I’ve been in the process of moving for a few weeks now. I originally heard the Apple debate a few weeks ago, but I just haven’t had time to respond on the website. But I’m BACK!!! And this debate needs to be settled once and for all: Granny Smith apples are the best apples for cooking. They are firm enough to keep their shape and not be extremely mushy while cooking. They are tart enough to cut through the sweetness of brown and white sugar. They are good for drinks and desserts, and as Rod has stated time and time again, the key to apple-flavored products. But to simply consume on a day-to-day basis, they are too sour and acidic to eat regularly. IM SORRY, ROD. Granny Smith apples cannot be replaced in the world. But regular consumption goes to Honeycrisp or Pink Lady, depending on personal preference.

    The Wawa story made me sad. I will spend my LAST FIVE DOLLARS at Wawa. I hope this was a one-time incident. I won’t protest Wawa. They have been pivotal in my move. Cheap sandwiches and snacks. Quick service. Just the best damn gas station and quick food service around.

  6. brooklynshoebabe

    Me listening but not paying attention: Are these n*ggss eating on the mic? Damn they are tacky. Wait, all that chewing is making me hungry. Are they doing an apple taste test on the air?! Wow, these muthaphuckers right here. I wish I had an apple.

    Great episode. You two are the realest.

  7. HvyWght

    I’m Loving this NatGeo Wild segment! Growing up an animal nerd, this was fun. The craziest thing about the Tarantula Hawk is that they don’t kill the tarantula…at first. They sting it to paralysis, carry it back to the nest, plant eggs in it and, eventually, the hatched larvae eat their way out of the still living spider! Also, against all instinct, if you are bitten by a venomous snake, DO NOT RUN! The increase in blood pressure only serves to carry the venom to your organs faster. Try to stay as calm as possible and walk to get help.

  8. FalconsDiva

    Greetings Rod and Karen!

    Your apple tasting had me wanting an apple, but I was driving at the time. I love Gala apples but I didn’t originally chime in because I consider myself to have an unrefined palate. Granny Smith apples are too tart for me but I don’t begrudge anyone that loves them. I only eat crisp apples. If an apple is too soft, I throw that sucker away. I also like Fuji apples but the Gala apples usually cost less.

    On weddings. My entire wedding cost less than $1,000, including my dress. Initially I was planning to exchange vows in my pastor’s office, but my friend insisted she could throw me an inexpensive ceremony. And she did just that. She decorated the gazebo in her cul de sac, made the flowers and helped me pick out my $99 dress. In lieu of gifts, I invited the guests to join us for dinner at their expense. The honeymoon was where the money was spent. Keep in mind I was almost 40 when I got married so we didn’t need any gifts to help us get started with our lives together. The plan was to have a big event to celebrate our 10th anniversary and my 50th birthday, but alas, the marriage didn’t make it that far. I’m still planning to have a big blowout for my 50th though.

    Finally, I listened to that Lady Slut story multiple times. Rod’s accent had me cracking up!!! “sully my good vagine!” LOL!!!

  9. Anne

    I enjoyed the apple tasting! Hearing you chew each variety of apple and critiquing it afterwards made my day. I’m glad you decided to expand your apple horizon by tasting the Fuji and Gala apples. Not that I’m trying to start anything but Granny Smith apples are an acquired taste. Just a fact.

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