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1724: Return To The Ant Hill

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Rod and Karen discuss Equalizer 2 winning the weekend, Lauryn Hill under fire, man wants Amazon to replace libraries, duck boat tragedy, Tekashi69 hospitalized, vomit fraud, GA lawmaker uses racial slurs on tv, teen gets business permit after police called on him, Home Depot fires black man for standing up to racist, That’s Ya’lls Man, White People News, Taking Out The Trash and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I loved listening to the taste test. I’m one of those nuts who find those AMSR videos soothing. I love watching pickle lady’s videos. I hope you do more taste tests.

  2. Dia

    Poor people are hated by everyone, regardless of race. If you are poor, a great segment of the United States population hates you. The library idea coupled with the idea a few months ago of having a food delivery “Blue Apron” type box for those that receive government assistance is just another way of keeping poor people away from everyone else.

    There was a period of my life when I was a child that my mother received food stamps and going to the grocery store was the one thing that made my sisters and I feel “normal.” We could not afford designer clothes, games or cable TV, but we at least got to go to the grocery store and have the same cereals, snacks and bologna sandwiches as other kids.

    We also went to the library on the weekends and checked out books, videos and got to read newspapers from all over the world. We got to do homework, sit in air conditioning, drink from coldest of cold water fountains, do crafts, read magazines that showed us how we wanted to dress, wear our hair and recipes and the librarians were so nice to us. Again, it made us feel like we were normal kids with an idea of what
    we could become.

    Take away the library and give food stamp recipients a monthly food box and guess what? We don’t have to see the poor members of our society. They won’t be in the library and they won’t be at the grocery stores. They can stay out of everyone else’s way so we can ignore their needs and existence.

  3. FalconsDiva

    Well Damn! Just when I thought you were team Gala you come with some mess. You must have picked a bad Gala apple LOL! The only time I had a Gala apple that was not crisp is when I messed around and bought an organic one. I guess those pesticides are good to me…

  4. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    The Lauryn Hill stuff had me dying on Twitter and then the cast. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any funnier, Ms. hill’s Charlotte show was cancelled. At this point, I like. All those people complaining about Lauryn’s timeliness, and performances to those people who used to complain about Naomi Campbell assaulting them with phones when they went and worked for her. At some point, you can’t keep,complaining when you knew what you signed up for.

    Oh yeah, F R. Kelly.

  5. GWG

    I am here for all of the snacking on air!

  6. Rich

    You should rename this episode to “The Return of The Ankh Hill”…Get it? Ankh Hill?

    Sorry, that was corny.

    Love the Show

  7. D Ramsey PhDone

    Listening to yesterday’s apple eating!!! Thank you for doing all things for the culture!!!

  8. Charles H Baker

    Libraries, a floor people shouldn’t fall below, public education…You sound like a democratic socialist, Rod! LOL!

  9. Ye F.

    Oh My God I’m at work and trying so hard not to bust out laughing at Rod’s R. Kelly impression! I can’t believe people still go up for him and listened to that “song”. He needs to go to jail already.

  10. Janica

    I liked the apple tasting on the show. Somehow, I grew to develop an allergy to apples and I miss them dearly. Thanks for enjoying them for me.

  11. Justin W

    So lateness is a mechanism of white supremacy? I knew it!! You are right Rod. I been late to everything my whole life and been thinking its my problem, but its THE MAN this whole time. SMH

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