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1731: Edify Yo’self!

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. TanyaW42

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    It was so funny, when Rod mentioned the mayonnaise ice cream I made *exactly the same sound* as Karen, pure revulsion! NO!!

    I purchased the book of the month as soon as it was introduced (and after I lost the chat room giveway lol), but come on, 99 cents is doable. I knew it would be ratchet, but I wasn’t prepared for HOW ratchet! But I am committed!! I think I’m at least 25% in, I have to see how this ends. Looking forward to the book club review!

    Also, I recently went to a very special comedy show and panel discussion entitled “Sisters of Comedy” at the Schomburg Center in NYC. “Sisters of Comedy” is the series Agunda Okeyo has curated to feature women of color in comedy shows, primarily at Caorline’s Comedy Club in NYC. But this night was SO special. What got me there was my girl Yamaneika, who is just completely amazing.

    But let me talk about the venue first…the Schomburg is located in Harlem, and is part of the New York Public Library group of libraries. But they always have exhibits there you can visit at any time (similar to museums), and many events. This was the first time I went there. I admit I felt a little weird at first as I was the only white person I could see, only because I have pretty much never experienced that in my life. I admit that there was a point during Karen’s retelling of her wonderful Jamaica vacation where she said something like (and I am paraphrasing, If I get it wrong PLEASE correct me), it was so good not to have to deal with white people for a week! I was a little butthurt immediately, but within minutes I realized what that meant. You don’t have to code switch. You don’t have to worry about Becky getting mad and calling 911. Just to START. I really wish I was exaggerating but, This Is America.

    The night at the Schomburg totally reinforced how important a truly beautiful, safe gathering space is for the Harlem COMMUNITY. I don’t expect you to play this as it’s 5+ minutes, but here is a YouTube link about it you can put in the show notes if you so decide: video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RI-_Ypgtw9Y
    So if (hopefully WHEN!) you get up here, I hope you will consider a vist to the Schomburg, it is a truly special place.

    But back to the show (whew! sorry, I didn’t mean to go on so long!). All of the comedians destroyed, of course Yamaneika!! (ROD! Get her on Medium Talk! Or on the regular podcast!), and it was the first time I saw Gina Yashere who was so GREAT too! And you could tell they appreciated performing for a wonderful receptive audience. Also for the show notes if you choose, here is a link to the video of the talk after the comedy portion: https://livestream.com/schomburgcenter/events/8279558

    You both rule!

    All the best,

  2. Jerry J

    Thank you for opening up the dialouge about redefining gender roles. Sometimes we need to hit the rest button when things go arwy. Thanks again for putting this topic on the table.

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