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1732: Racist Slip Ups

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Rod and Karen discuss knowing lyrics, The NRA says it’s losing money, wife of Trump voter deported, Papa John’s getting rid of John’s image, inflation hits 6 year high, LGBTQ news, n-word password, white woman calls cops on black woman who was waiting on Uber, Roseanne claims she thought Valerie Jarrett was white, Alabama Subway manager racism, man stabbed over wedding invite, woman leaves baby in hot car, man kills dog cause God said to and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Mae

    Oh my goodness. The skit about the Republican party leader who killed that puppy took me clean out- with Rod as the “Ridiculous God” and Karen as an “Unmoved Follower”. And when Karen said “How do I disconnect this line”, I screamed.

    Any chance Rod/ Chadwick Boseman/ Ridiculous God can make a guest appearance on future podcasts to provide much needed direction in our heathen lives?

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