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1733: In Her Own Words

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Rod and Karen discuss Kendrick Lamar achieves a milestone, Wells Fargo caught again, Brazilian butt lift warning, LGBTQ News, boy mistakes his dad’s meth for cereal, angry Verizon customer drives through store, McDonald’s jumping jacks man and sword ratchetness.

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  1. HvyWght

    I Love that she’s such a polarizing figure, but it’s always bothered me that Beyoncé can’t win with some people, no matter what. If she doesn’t talk about something, she’s wrong, if she does it’s only for publicity (as if she needs any). If she gives to a cause, its for show or it’s not enough. I’ve heard people say she’s an industry creation as if she hasn’t exhibited the most control of her image we’ve seen an artist have since Prince! Her excellence is unprecedented and I wish it wasn’t the “woke” (read contrarian) thing to do to take shots at her.
    I really liked what was said about reflecting on relationships and doing what needs doing to change the outcome, even if it may not look like what others think it should. One of my favorite songs by Little Brother (All For You on The Minstrel Show) talks about a man’s relationship with his father and how it ultimately affected his relationship with his wife and son. The relationships we see and experience have a way of molding us that we have to address if we want a different outcome.

  2. Evie E

    I joined the Beyhive late, probably around the time she dropped her first visual album. I’ve always enjoyed her music but after the self titled album, I knew she was That Bitch. I have been on board ever since. She can do no wrong in my eyes. And this interview was so inspiring. I love how real she was. I appreciate what she said about real bodies and not obsessing over losing her baby weight, though I’m still trying to lose baby weight even though my kid is eight. LOL.

    The surprising thing about that Robin Givhen’s chick is that she is also black. But I guess that’s the way she gets to keep writing for this types of magazines by tearing her other black women down as a way to show that she’s ‘objective’. She’s the Candice Owens of fashion. But then again, there’s always someone hating from outside of the club.

  3. brooklynshoebabe

    My 13 year old came out the closet last year. I can’t imagine anyone throwing away their child for that. Her biggest fear was not being accepted by her dad and me although we saw our selves as liberal allies. The hate is just so pervasive it overshadows the love

  4. brooklynshoebabe

    Thank you for sharing the Beyonce story of her pregnancy and intergenerational trauma. As a woman who suffers from infertility and had 3 miscarriages and a still birth before I gave birth to my biological daughter at age 35. I was on bed rest for six months, had blood clotting issues which required self administered shots of blood thinner, gestational diabetes and a short cervix– premature birth was always a danger. It was on ordeal. I had just gotten over the post “adoption-partum” depression I had with my first daughter, who was barely a year and half when I got pregnant. My husband at the time had to carry the weight of the entire house hold. It is crucial for women to honestly share how difficult a pregnancy, delivery and post partum can be to both men and women. There’s pain, blood, fighting, crying and two new persons to care for (the baby and your new post baby self). Blase remarks like women been having babies for millions of years or berating women for breast feeding, formula feeding or having a nanny has to stop. There’s nothing easy about getting pregnant or giving birth. I’m about to cry. Y’all touched something in me.

  5. Anonymous

    This might have been one of my favourite episodes of all time. I love listening to you two wax on about Queen B. I feel so lucky to be alive during this time of Black Culture renaissance! Everything Beyonce does has cultural significance for the entire world. I see her as Trailblazer, burning away the dross, leaving only the gold. She takes such heat but here she is determined to make sure that her kids get to be FULL humans instead of traditionally ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’. The way she spoke about healing from relationships, her honesty about her battle with her body, how she feels so much more powerful now that she is older, I SO identify with that.
    She will be remembered hundreds of years from now, I believe she is THAT important. She has lessons for all of humanity if they are smart enough to listen.
    Also, being the mom of a 12 year old gay daughter, I really appreciate your LGBTQ2 news. I really felt for that kid who got kicked out of the house because he was gay. So glad that folks came through for him to help him pay for college. My daughter struggles with similar shit. Her dad is a fundamentalist catholic, more conservative by the day and we left him because the damage he was doing to her psyche was deep and maybe irreparable. I love singing the Do you Wanna Funk song with you guys, it just gives me life, even though most of the LGBTQ2 news is about how much oppression they have to deal with.
    Great show. Thanks so much for the important work you do. Love you.

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