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BDS 268: Jared Dudley The LightSkinned God!

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Ray Lewis’ HOF speech,  Kelvin Benjamin pops off, MJ supports Lebron, MJ’s charity contributions, Melo speaks up for Puerto Rico, Kaepernick’s name taken out of song on Madden, Steven Adams beefs with Reggie Jackson, Ohio State rally for Urban Meyer, Dak doubles down, Darren Sharper wants reduced sentence, OJ, Zay Jones, NBA X-mas games, Chris Paul donates to his college, NBA players react to Trump’s tweet, Manziel horrible in CFL, NC players suspended, Sendejo hat, Oakley was caught cheating in Vegas, Lebron producing docu-series, Brian France DUI, Steph Curry, WNBA game canceled, Antonio Callaway, Aaron Rodgers wants NFL to have NBA salary cap, Incognito, Joe Simpson racist, NFL still taking a knee, NCAA rule change, NFL getting male cheerleaders, OBJ spending money on teeth jewels, Lance Armstrong in a crash, Arenas explains gun drama, TO, Ball State keeping Papa John, NFL refs calling helmet penalties and Lebron for secretary of education.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod Lewis and JJ Durkin,

    I hope all is well.

    I came to the realization the other day that schools are quicker to fire football coaches for lying to the NCAA than they are when a player dies during an off-season workout, like head coach DJ Durkins at Maryland. What’s especially galling is that criminal charges haven’t been brought against the head athletic trainer who, upon seeing Jordan McNair collapse on the field, yelled for folks to “drag his ass off the field.” And after dragging this nigga off the field they tried to get him to walk off a goddamn heat stroke. Like I wish there could be some type of change in the approach to coaching and culture around football where toxic shit like how Durkin’s ran Maryland and how his training staff acted, but goddamn. Oh and fuck Will Muschamp for throwing his cape on for Durkins when asked about this in the media. Fucking disgusting.

    Durkin’s shit included but was not limited to: having an injured player do a tug-o-war against his entire positioning group; having an overweight player eat candy and watch his position group run sprints

    Is Jalen Ramsey the most honest football player out there? He went to GQ with the extended clip and let off all the shots on all the bad quarterbacks in the league! Granted, I wish Ramsey didn’t say that “Of course your team is supposed to be planning to win the Super Bowl, unless you’re the Browns or something.” Goddamnit, what did the Browns do?

    I haven’t heard a nigga fuck up numbers with as much pride as Ray Lewis had since Nas dropped “One Mic”. He was cooning so good!

    Do y’all have any athletes that you enjoy watching but part of your enjoyment is cuz nigga ain’t on a team you root for? Like I really enjoy watching Dame Lillard play; he’s aggressive and exciting to watch play…but I’m also glad I don’t root for Portland because watching a nigga jack up that many bad shots would fuck up my blood pressure.

    In terms of having the confidence of mediocre white man, where does Rick “Ricky 3 Stacks” Petino suing Adidas for “emotional distress” and “damaging his reputation” fall?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful day and weekend y’all, peace!

  2. brandonisbmore

    Whats up Rod and J-var Ball,
    Black people really are amazing!! This nigga Tiger Woods spent most of his life running from his blackness and then I get on twitter Sunday and my whole timeline talking about Tiger and rooting him on. It just shows how we want to back black people specifcially black ppl in all white spaces. Niggas I aint never see talk about golf was rootings for bogeys and analyzing Tiger club selection. It truely is amazing.

    Also, I took a break from morning sports shows because First Take was so terrible but I started watching Undisputed recently while at work and I gotta say Skip may be more woke than we give him credit for. Im starting to think Skip wasnt quiet on First Take when Stephen A would go on his sexist or cooning rants becasue he agreed and didnt want to fuck up the money, im starting to think he aint want to snap on Stephen A and fuck up the money and soon as he got a chance to leave he dipped.

    Every segment about the Anthem protest Skip gets it for the most part even last week calling out Aaron Rogers for saying that Trump is terrible but players should ignore him. Most of the white sports media was giving Rogers props for saying anything and Skip said the obvious thing to us as black people that Rogers as a rich straight white man can ignore him cuz he is not affected. It seems simple but when most white people cant get that simple point then i guess ill give skip some credit.

    Lastly did yall see Jimmy Butler being thirst as fuck on Gabrielle Union IG. She posted a sexy ass picture and this nigga Jimmy hopped right in the comments. D Wade surprisingly handled it good but u know that nigga gonna undercut Jimmy this year when they play.

    Thanks For Everything guys


  3. chubbzero

    Greetings rod and justin. Listening to pregame last week, I was kinda surprised to hear you say you have never watched all of the spike lee joint “bamboozled”While I don’t consider myself to be a spike lee stan, I gotta say “bamboozled” was one of his better movies. I mean you had damon wayans playing Pierre Delacroix[ an underrated performance]. Jada pinkett Smith, Tommy Davidson who did an outstanding job, and please don’t forget Paul Mooney as delacroix’s dad. Not to mention the roots providing music during the movie, and if I remember correctly, I believe stevie wonder did the soundtrack . Of course it wasn’t critically acclaimed in the mainstream media because it’s spike. That is all. Yall have a great day!

  4. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and J Elway! Just wanted to say last week’s episode had me in tears. Particularly the part about Ray Lewis and them numbers. That shit made no sense. He’s truly a gift. Have a good weekend! Smooches!

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