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TNO 116: Dora The XXXplorer

Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Idris Bond rumors return, Zazie Beetz cast in Joker, Venom will be PG-13, Bethesda blocks used game sale, Wally West will be in Flash sesaon 5, Antoine Fuqua meets with Marvel, Chris Pine and Hemsworth future in doubt with Star Trek 4, Chris Hardwick returns, Agent of SHIELD, Batwoman casts Ruby Rose, Bird of Prey looking for biracial Black Canary, Sony movie news, Bobs Burgers movie, MoviePass news, Craig of the Creek renewed, Stan Lee gets restraining order, Dora the Explorer movie, Ninja won’t stream with women, Supergirl movie, Batman is an atheist, Peyton Reed wants Wasp to lead team, Germany lifts ban on Nazi’s in games, FBI warns against ATM heist, IGN editor fired for plagiarism, Riot games sexism and the Bermuda triangle.


  1. Amani

    Rod you know I love you. But you’re taking this Toilet Snakes idea a bit too far now. You don’t have to live the life to make the movie! But I do appreciate the dedication to your craft and research. I look forward to Iko Uwais with a big ass bottle of wasp spray getting busy in 2020.

    Has there ever been a faster turn around on some casting news than Alec Baldwin pulling out of that Joker movie? He read those tweets and hit that nay no immediately! I thought I was signing up for Flashpoint Batman not this. I’m out. You’re not gonna be making memes of me like you did to Affleck!

    And inspired by Kriss on the last mailbag episode, what’s the game you got dangerously sucked into or had to stop because you could see yourself falling? To this day I have never picked up World of Warcraft because I watched that shit ruin lives in college. Niggas were passing around demo discs like crack, the kids next door tore down the walls and set up a LAN center and about half the floor failed first semester because they were up all night raiding. I look at that game the same way folks looked at Len Bias and swore off coke.

  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Karen, Rod, Aaron, and Kriss,

    I’m just writing in because I might have missed it, but I haven’t heard y’all say anything about Summer Camp Island…and I just need to stan for a bit in case y’all aren’t watching.

    From the first episode, the main character, Oscar, reminded me of Rod and the rest of us on Team Introvert with how overwhelmed he got by all the magical and paranormal shit on the island. My dude was only prepared to make potholders all summer and suddenly he’s dealing with witches, monsters, aliens, and inanimate objects that are suddenly very animated. Didn’t even get a chance to visualize how the changes would affect his summer before more got thrown at him.

    His love and support for his best friend Hedgehog is so nice to see. There are all these little moments that reinforce how much he stans for her. Their relationship is better than any other I can think of on the network.

    The head counselor, Susie, is such an unrepentant bitch when shows usually throw a bunch in so you can see where they’re coming from. Along with the bitchiness, she’s also funny. Her lines are the best and it makes sense because she’s voiced by the creator.

    There are a few gay characters and they weren’t ambiguous about it like Craig of the Creek with the two girls who held hands at the end of an episode.

    Cartoon Network does their shows a disservice with their trash-ass release “schedule”. I never really saw anybody talking about the show when it premiered and was all that played for a whole weekend. The way it was released probably hurt it. Cartoon Network tosses their new episodes around randomly. I get why Teen Titans Go! had a break, but what about the rest of the shows? I wonder what’s going on behind the scenes because it’s odd to me that they operate this way. I can see the creators being frustrated with the inconsistent releases.

    Anyway, this email was probably way too long, but I had to put this show out there. Thank you for listening to my TedTalk.


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