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1740: One Hundred and Twenty-Six

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Rod and Karen discuss Awkwafina, Tevin Campbell-Gate, Boots Riley, Alex Jones radio station shut down, Teyana Taylor takes over, Kevin Spacey tanks, Ramen Noodle heist, middle school shames girls, doctor was treated like a black person by cops, charter school gets integrated, black cop resigns after viral video, Aretha Franklin argument leads to shooting, girl pushed off bridge by friend, man goes missing but pops up with new wife and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Miss1ko

    I don’t know why this episode was so funny to me….because you call Jeremih…Jeremy. The “mih” sounds like the word “my”. Which annoys me to no end and that’s why I enjoyed it. As per usual anytime you pronounce something french. Oui…= We. He has always annoyed me and now I know my spidey senses were on point. I’ve always like that Teyana lady since she was on my super sweet 16.

    I will say, if you were an opening act, you don’t normally get to close just because you go to your home town. IJS. My friend thinks he is a love child of Diddy maybe that’s why he gets treated like a male diva. I wish I had a body double.

    Kevin Spacey still is making money? $126.00? Still too much.

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