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SMR 202: Crazy Rich Asians

Rod and Karen review the Asian centered Rom Com, “Crazy Rich Asians.” And we also discuss trailers and your feedback.


  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    Crazy Rich Asians was such a fun, joy filled and likable movie. I loved how it turned things on it’s head and pointed out some cultural hypocrisies (every culture has them), like the mother and the aunts talking about tradition and Rachel not belonging because she would not hold up traditions as they read their Christian bibles and talked about educating their children abroad, an act which in itself took their children away from and threatens the continuation of the traditions they love so much.

    Also, while I didn’t care for Nick’s mother, I didn’t dislike her the way others did. I watched the character of Eleanor and wondered if her visceral dislike of Rachel came from a sense of regrets about her life choices, and jealousy that Rachel might actually get to fulfill her passions, a word which she said with such disdain. I mean, she gave up everything to marry her husband, who was away on business during this major family event, an act we were told was commonplace, she had to give up her son in an effort to curry favor with a mother-in-law who clearly still could not stand her. I saw her as a wounded soul and I think that her ultimate support of the union came because she saw that Rachel had the strength to do what she could not — value herself and walk away.


    Crazy Rich Asians was cool. Seeing folks like Michelle Yeoh, Constance Wu, Ken Jeong & Awkwafina doing their thing here was great to see. Before I continue on about the movie, I’ve seen Awkwafina Ocean’s 8, Future Man & now CRA. I’m good with her. Maybe I can’t see her doing a blaccent, but I’mma be honest, I don’t care. She’s seems to be having a good time doing this &, as long as you’re doing that, I might not notice or care. I saw those twitter arguments & I guess I see there point, but we got bigger fish to fry, these days. That’s how I feel. Anyway, I liked the classism dynamic between Yeoh & Wu. Good story beats there & I loved it all resolved. I usually don’t like rom-coms, since I feel that the stories are pretty one-note, but CRA had more layers, more funny bits & good runtime. Also, it’s good to see like this stick it to the racist talking point of “these movies don’t sell” over & over & over again.

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