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SMR 204: Kin

Rod and Karen review the action sci-fi family drama “Kin” and we also discuss trailer and your comments.




    Damn shame that this movie didn’t get more promotion or viewing time from audiences. Kin was enjoyable from start to finish & I enjoyed Miles Truitt a good deal. I hope that young man is able to get more roles in movies. He has a good future. His asshole brother was better than I expected, as Jack Reynor, I felt, wasn’t the dudebro jerk I was expecting. He also did a good job. James Franco & Dennis Quaid were solid too in their respective roles. Zoe Kravitz didn’t do much for me here, as I felt she just tagged along for much of it. The Michael B. Jordan cameo was cool, though, I’d like to see more of his characters world in future movies, if Kin had more success. If you’re lucky to find this movie in theaters, it’s worth a matinee, at least.

  2. Selester63

    Hey Rod & Karen,

    I enjoyed this movie overall. The acting was good (shout out to Myles Truitt, who seems to be an up and coming star). I liked the surprise of Michael B. Jordan, didn’t see that coming. I liked that Eli (Truitt) didn’t use the alien gun to kill until he absolutely had to and it basically disintegrated people. I thought James Franco’s character was over the top but glad he got that bullet in the head at the end. I felt a little awkward seeing a 14-year-old in a strip club (plus in my row in the theater there was a mother with 2 kids, one of them kind of young) but there was no nudity, so I guess it was ok. When I saw the trailer I thought Zoe Kravitz character was the older brother’s girlfriend but seeing how they fit her into the story I cool with it.
    I give it a 4 out of 5.

    Thanks, peace.

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