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PG 161: Problematic People Are Right

Rod and Justin discuss customer service calls, Justin work drama, YMCA basketball, Lauryn Hill, John McCain, problematic people, LHHH, Basketball wives, Insecure, Pose, Queen Sugar, wife swapping show and listener feedback.


  1. DexterFrost

    Yo Rod and Justin,

    First, thanks as always for a great show. Love y’all’s content and conversation.

    Regarding your problem with customer service letting you pass through the gates to someone who can assist you. Most times the reps have to complete rudimentary tasks that generate information for the next tier to review or create a ticket. No ticket or information no access to the next level support or they get hit for escalating without following proper procedures. Some places have automated T-shooting scripts that wont let them go without checking all the boxes. This goes to Rod’s point about some people not doing a simple refresh or reboot or even, changing batteries. Yes, I’ve had situations where people don’t know remotes have batteries in them (SMH). The scripts make it easier for the reps to troubleshoot simple issues but reduce the critical thinking needed to make judgement calls.

    By the way this is not to say that there isn’t crappy customer service out there. A lot of CSRs have checked out just to protect themselves from abusive customers who think they can just dump all their issues on the person that answers the phone. Overriding the natural urge to get defensive when someone is yelling at you takes a lot of focus and energy and most people can’t do it for long periods of time. People aren’t robots they’re dynamic and unpredictable this makes for a lot of bad feelings. Sounds cliche but be nice and most people will give you what they can, be mean and you’ll get the same energy you put out there.

    Just a throwback, thanks for the heads up on “The 100” I binged all 5 seasons and loved every minute. Looking forward to the new planet on season 6.

    Thanks again for all y’all do


    Dexter Frost

  2. rodimusprime

    Wassup rod and Justin

    Just wanted to say I love the Y stories. They keep me so entertained.

    Justin are you current with greenleaf? Season 3 started strong.
    I wanted to know if you guys watch ozark on Netflix? If so would you compare it to the like of breaking bad?

    Over and out


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