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BDS 271: Pla-ket, Pla-ket, Pla-ket, Pla-ket!

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, The Shop, Jason Whitlock, WNBA salaries, Trump disses CBS and ESPN, Texas A&M QB snitching, Ben McLemore cooning, Serena’s catsuit is banned, Nick Young arrested, Tiger Woods respects Trump, Shaq curved by Shaunie, OBJ gets paid, Madden tournament shot up, Iggy Azalea not dating Jimmy Butler, Steph Curry on the gender pay gap, Mychal Kendricks, Dez Bryant low balled by Browns, Jerry Jones wants longer season, JD Martinez instagram post, Jemele Hill, Matt Barnes, Jerry Richardson could be tip of the iceberg, Bucks support Sterling Brown, Walt Frazier shits on Durant, Michelle Beadle leaving “Get Up” with the bag, Kristin Cavallari, Gronk gets new deal, NFL approves casinos as sponsors, Ramsey will not play for Cowboys, Tony Dungy wants Jalen Ramsey to dial it down, Manu retires, NBA partnership with NCAA, NBA players can wear any color shoe now, Bell not heading by by Labor Day, US Open sexist dress code, Tom Herman at the strip club, Bosh wants to return, Michigan State cleared of all wrong doing, David West retires and an Olympic champion warns against Wags app.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Justin,

    Ain’t got much but I just wanted to say whaddup.

    1.White folks mad at Nike. Nike still gonna make the bag.
    2. Good luck on the live show. I love to see y’all winning. I need to find my tickets so that you can give them to others. I know I can’t make it now cause work don’t want me to be great.

    I need to find a weekend and come thru. We need to hoop and do lunch.

    I love y’all man. Thank you for the 10+ hours of entertainment a week that TBGWT provides.

    P.S.: I’ve been seeing Justin putting more of himself on Social Media.


  2. rodimusprime


    Rod and Je’veon bell

    Nfl season is among us. I wanted to ask a question. Could you guys tell me your thoughts on franchise tags? Like? dislike? should it be done away with??

    I also wanted to talk about the Nike ad situation from angle. Have you noticed, who ever is burning Nike sneakers ain’t burning the expensive ones, (Jordan’s air max lebron etc). As if Nike is in their board room crying? Bitch you bought the sneakers already, you can do with it what you want. Just like the dumbasses that burned lebron jerseys, make no sense!

    Love the show as always


  3. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jaurkice Pouncey,

    I hope all is well.

    One of my favorite parts of Balls Deep is the NBA off season, or as its better known around these parts: Niggas Getting Paid season! I love hearing about niggas getting paid. I love knowing Money Mike Connelly’s bank statements are taller than Isiah Thomas.

    I’d say it’s a shame that the NFL doesn’t have a Niggas Getting Paid season, but when I see a collection of crab in the bucket ass niggas like the Steelers offensive line I remember, “oh yeah, that’s one of the reasons.” Especially Maurkice Pouncey, whose been playing for 9 seasons. Runningbacks playing for 9 seasons is a rarity, unless you’re Adrian Peterson (too angry to retire) or Frank Gore (immortal) and even then there is a huge drop off. It’s especially fucked up because the very production and wild ass numbers runningbacks put up are gonna get used against them when trying to reup for a long term deal.

    I want Ford to give Kaep an endorsement deal because I really wanna see someone drive their truck off a bridge to make liberals angry. Shouts out to the dude that cut the Nike signs and elastic of his dirty ass socks; jokes on him cuz he just showed America how dumb he is *and* he doesn’t wash his clothes. I’m especially happy Kaep is getting money from Nike cuz they tend to write big checks and cuz one of the most fucked up things about activism is the expectation that they need to be broke to remain dedicated to their cause. I don’t know what Kaep’s pockets look like, but he keeps popping up in the news giving money to causes.

    Shouts out to the West Coast Browns aka the Oakland Raiders. Anyone in Raider Nation still happy Chucky back? Y’all gave the Everything Bagel of NFL coaches a $100 million contract, ran outta money to pay Mack and now Chucky gets to take credit for it to save face.

    He ran off y’all best player for 2 first round picks and a second round pick. But as a certified expert in dumbass coaching and front office decisions? Those picks will be fucked up! Conversely, I hope Cap’n Kirk Cousins has worked on his 40 times, cuz Khalil Mack will be coming with that fury.

    I hope y’all have a great weekend!

  4. Amani

    Hey Rod and the JFL

    Rod called it on twitter, imagine how shook you have to be as a multi-billion dollar company to get bullied into releasing statements from the Notes app. Nike got the NFL out here scrambling like Mike Colter! But I just have to take a minute and realize how perfect a protest this was that we’re STILL talking about it three years later. I didn’t even know the NFL was coming back this week until they announced Nike was running the ad during the game. And the conversation still won’t go away because the white ego can’t help themselves.

    And hope Justin got caught up on The Shop. Bron let that first nigga fly and I was in! It’s way better than whatever they’re showing with Whitlock at Krazy Koon Kutz. The only thing that would have made it better is if Tristan Thompson came in and mushed Draymond in the face before he started talking again.

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