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1754: Hurricane Overdraft Fees

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Rod and Karen discuss Hurricane Florence, serial dine and dasher caught, the necking game, more information on Botham Jean shooting, Devon Windsor, Brad Pitt Katrina houses falling apart, Take Out The Trash and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    I’ve already had the pleasure of meeting you two at negrocon but I’m so bummed that I’ll miss your live show due to my travel schedule. If you have another one, I’m hoping to make it. But I wanted to wish you both the best of luck and I hope you have a blast.

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    “Necking?” That shit ain’t no new game. My brother and his friends used to do that in 4th grade-8th grade. We used to call it “open neck.” For awhile, they would also play a game called “open chest” and niggas would be getting punched in the chest like nobody’s business. I’m not sure why nobody put a stop to it. I guess it was the 1980s and nobody really cared as long nobody died.

  3. Angela

    We were so excited about coming to your live show. My brother surprised me with tickets as soon as they went on sale. Now thanks to Hurricane Florence my plans are shot. We live on the coast of North Carolina and are in a mandatory evacuation Zone. Not only that but because of my job we are considered first responder so no live show for us. I hope this is not the last one you do.

  4. CaliWithoutKale

    Hey Rod and Karen, listening to this show and this NRA chick really said if dude was a gun owner it would have ended different? Like is she implying this black man should have shot a cop? They will literally say anything to keep their guns.
    On a similar note, Rod you gave me a great analogy for these people defending the church after all these disasters (what’s the opposite of a miracle?), they sound like the people who will come up with any excuse and action before ‘guns are the problem’. Literally everything else is what we need to focus on in the church except, just maybe ‘blindly following religion is the problem’.
    If the topic is too divisive, feel free not to read. Love the show, congrats on the live show ya’ll two earned it.

    PS I would 100% pay for your opinion (book, audio book, 1 time fee for podcast, etc) on building your own business/podcast as black entrepreneurs. You giving out these tips for free, would love to hear you and Karen’s advise long form.

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