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BDS 275: You Can’t Trust Black Quarterbacks

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, JR Smith, Lebron, Zane Gonzalez, Jameis Winston getting sued, TX educator is racist to black qbs, Urban Meyer apologizes again, Maroon 5 performing at Super Bowl, Mark Cuban donating to women’s causes, Russell Westbrook expecting twins with his wife, Elton Brand GM of 6ers, Iowa State golfer murdered, player sues trainer of PEDs, Khloe on Tristan, JR Smith children’s book, Kevin Love fashions, MJ donates to hurricane, Jason Gesser resigns, Richard Jefferson father killed, Gilbert Arenas sues woman, Jabari Bird domestic violence, Lebron disses Trump, Stormy Daniels was afraid of Big Ben, Melo gets restraining ordered dismissed, Kevin Olsen rape trial, Victor Ortiz arrested, Shareef O’Neal heart ailment, Porzingis could sit out year, White Boy Wednesdays, Gloria Govan wins time with kids, Kendall and Ben Simmons over, Tyronn Lue, Kyle Lowry, NYPD sergeant denied promotion due to support of Kaepernick, GA racist baseball player, Jayson Werth arrested for DUI, Greg Hardy, Everson Griffen, Kobe body care line, LSU basketball player killed and Russians hacked anti-doping agencies.

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  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jonor McGregor,

    Damn it looks like all that Irish luck ran out last weekend for the Incredible Irish ITWANx Conor McGregor. I seen Lucky Charm boxes get stepped on and be in better shape than Khabib left McGregor after that fight. It’s almost like hyping an entire fight through virulent Islamophobia can have consequences, like getting your shit rocked and being choked the fuck out. McGregor could be heard after the fight saying to Khabib “it’s just business, it’s just business”. Fuck outta here.

    Oh and I’m perfectly fine with Khabib going full Stack Jack on McGregor’s hanger-on in the crowd. Bold strategy talking shit to the dude you just watched beat your homie like a snare drum.

    And fuck Dana White for letting things get to this point. Lord he is a shitty businessman. And shouts out to the McGregor fans that stepped to the Khabib fans and got lumped up just like their great white hope!

    The Browns have won 2 games in the same calendar year for the first time since 2016! WE GOT 2 WINS ON THE SEASON MY NIGGAS! And good goddamn those niggas are stressful to watch. Our kicker is so trash. The Browns could be 5-0 if the kicker wasn’t hot garbage at high noon in a South Carolina summer. Justin, I can’t leave the Browns all the way. This shit is embedded in my, like nearsightedness or hypertension.

    Conversely, shouts out the Panther’s iron legged kicker for booting a game winning 63 yarder. Now that shit was incredible.

    Congratulations to Drew Brees for whipping that rock and being a beastly QB. Especially since that means Peyton Manning *lost* those records, with his ole Easter Island foreheaded ass self. Fun Fact: The Great Pumpkin from Charlie Brown is based off seeing Peyton Manning wearing his Tennessee helmet. And Alvin Kamara might not have gotten me many fantasy points this week but the nigga got them points in my heart! Out here in a “Make Africa Home Again” hat *and* a Kaep jersey? Fucking amazing.

    As always, have a great and show y’all, peace!

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