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TTM 46: Vietnam

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. UC

    Jack dad’s transformation from the loving dad when Nicky was born, to the monster he turned out to be was as a result of THE DRANK. If you noticed, in the scene where Nicky and Jack (as little kids) got out of bed to defend their mother she said to them “he wasn’t always this way” or something like that. And later in the hospital waiting room scene when the men were waiting for Jack’s mom to give birth, the grandpa offered Jack’s dad a swig of his flask, and Jack’s dad was like, “oh naw Pop, you know I don’t drink.”

    The Pearsons have a history of alcoholism/addiction: Jack’s grandpa, Jack’s dad, Jack, Kevin. Jack was able to break the cycle. Maybe the show will give us the story behind Jack’s dad’s descent into alcoholism–was there a triggering event? or was it gradual? Hopefully we’ll find out.

  2. rodimusprime

    Randall’s prom situation struck a nerve with me. In high school I dated a white guy and his family found out I was black so they made him stop speaking to me. It was so painful at the time and watching that scene brought back that pain. And I also related with Beth’s cousin and Kevin. When we first met my current boyfriend (he is white) he was clueless to those settle racist moments. Three years later and now we have a son.. he notices that stuff real quick. There is hope for Kevin.. he will catch on.

    And Kate…..I can’t see why she is so mean to her mother. Kate and her mother sitting at the piano was such a great moment. But Kate is so… Kate…

    Beth. When it hit her in the interview about how much it hurt to loose her Job I felt for her. Randall is annoying me. He needs to forget about the city councilmen job and focus on supporting his wife.

    I am happy that Miguel followed Jacks request and watched over his family. But I don’t think Jack meant marry his wife. Then again Jack May have some babies in Vietnam.. so I guess it’s all good.

    Love the show guys!!! I’ve been listening to TTM since the first episode.

    I am still mad that Deja never got her ass beat for breaking that windshield. I better get a flashback of her catching someone’s hands.


  3. rodimusprime

    Hey Bassey and Rod,

    I really liked this episode. One thing I’ve been thinking about is how Randall is jumping from thing to thing and it struck me that the past few years may be the first time he’s taken a risk since asking out Beth. From the way Beth and Randall talk, Randall has never been one to not plan, assess and analyze. Even in contacting William, he went through a year process of trying to find him and had time to anticipate meeting him. It seems like he doesn’t know how to recognize issues on the fly. That’s all I can think of the explain why he couldn’t read the room at that barbecue (or trust ChiChi to make his flyers). I hope he levels out because he’s still my fave of the big 3.

    Zoey is really growing on me. I can see her and Kevin together. I love that he didn’t gaslight her. Also, Kevin learning about Jack from Robinson was dope.

    Kate and Toby had me STRESSED. Whew, Every phone call had me shook. Kate had a cute Adele costume (see how I’m giving her her flowers). I wish Toby could have told Kate what was going on, but I’m glad she knows now.

    I don’t have much else to add- I just want to clear my name.

    Last week, the beginning of my email got cut off and the rest was mixed in with someone else’s email, which is fine except… I don’t want to be associated with supporting the candy apple agenda! I don’t eat them! I like having teeth! I prefer no cavities! Clear my name, Rod! Clear my name!!!

    Ok, that’s all I have. I’m looking forward to more Deja and seeing how Randall handles having to be the strong one for Beth and how Kate handles being the rock for Toby. I also want to see how Kevin explores this other woman.

    Great show as always!


  4. rodimusprime

    I’ve heard about your podcast but became a subscriber after hearing you review that piece of dog shit movie “Venom” on Medium Popcorn.

    I just listened to your “This Is Us” review for the Vietnam episode. I’m a fan of TIU. You talking got me thinking about a few theories:

    1. Jack’s father knows Nicky is NOT his son. The abused wife had an affair because she was tired of him not paying attention to her. That’s why Jack and Nicky are so different
    2. Jack obviously had a relationship with the Vietnam villager and has a child over there, most likely a daughter he’s been keeping secret and supporting clandestinely
    … OR…
    3. Nicky went on a psycho rampage and killed Jack’s Vietnamese lover after he saw them together. Maybe Jack shot Nicky in anger

    I’m’a keep listening to your shows. I’m a soccer coach who drives all over NC each weekend. Podcasts make the drives bearable. Good podcasts like The Black Guy Who Tips make the hours enjoyable.

    Big Ups from

  5. Evie E

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I really resent the writers for pushing their Miguel agenda on me. Miguel is the Otis of this show and ain’t nobody come to see Otis. Rebecca and Miguel’s love story is the love story I can do without. Boooooooo.

    I’m a little surprised how oblivious Kevin is to some black issues. I get that he wouldn’t understand the silk pillowcase thing if he hasn’t dated a sista before but he didn’t notice how abrupt that woman was with Zoey? He grew up with a whole black brother in the 70’s and 80’s and you can’t tell me he hasn’t at least witnessed some racist shit. As a matter of fact we know he did after the prom incident. I’m just glad he wasn’t dismissive of what Zoey told him because I was ready to fight. I hope him and Zoey last because even seeing teenage Sophie had me doing the Arthur fist.

    My one hope for Kate is to have a daughter who treats her the way she treats Rebecca.

  6. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Bassey,

    This episode was literally too much. Just when I thought I couldn’t feel like I did for Jack’s episode, they give me this focus on Toby. I loved it, I wanted it and I needed it. Seeing how Toby’s father thought putting his kid down like that was helpful, seeing how he was made to be the Atlas in his mother’s world gave me so much insight into his relationship with Kate. Toby has been assigned the role as the person who sacrifices to make the people in his life feel better and we see how being put in this position has come crashing down on him. I love Toby so much, I support him with Kate because if they split, Toby goes and Toby needs to be on this show. Pair him with Randall, pair him with Beth, just give him something more than Kate for a support system.

    I love (in the needed way, not the overjoyed way) that we also got to see the cracks in Beth because she is Randall’s Toby. I’m with Bassey on the not feeling Randall train right now. He better find a way to put his wife first. I mean we have seen Beth do nothing but be Randall’s emotional and financial support and he needs to step back and reverse roles with her, Or Else Beth might just have to leave him to save herself.

    Kevin finding out about his father from Mac from Night Court, that real ish talk we got from Mac’s wife. Who knew Kevin would be the source of so much black goodness. Is this a sign of what’s to come now that he and Beth’s cousin/sister seem to be getting into relationship territory?

    I too suspect that Nicky isn’t dead. Some are cruelly speculating that the Asian woman is Jack’s war wife and that the Asian Person’s are coming. I have no problem with that per se because Jack wasn’t with Rebecca at that time. However, I think that woman is going to connect to Nicky somehow.

    Miguel continues to be the interlocking, Jack killing, trying to get Randall to coon worst and I love that even as a child, Randall wasn’t here for Miguel’s crap.

    Next week looks so good. I can’t wait.

    My blackness hurts me to say this, but I live watch This Is Us rather thanBlack Lightning. They need to go back to the Spring schedule where they were not in competition with my favorite family, the Pearson’s.

    Sorry this is so long.

  7. rodimusprime

    I feel like I have been long awaiting this episode. It was so good and caught me by surprise because I feel like they have been slow this season so far compared to previous seasons.

    This week I felt like I was Toby, Kate, and Beth. Wow, I really believe a trained Psychiatrist is writing for this show because it is on point with traumas and how they affect you in adult life. I am also really excited we went into Toby’s past and makes me more excited that we will get below the surface with Beth. The onion layers will be shedding and we will get to know the true Beth. As a Black woman who feels like we have to put a shield on, I’m curious on where they will take this. I’m here for it!


  8. rodimusprime

    Hi Guys,

    I just had a thought while listening to your recap of the Vietnam episode.

    What if the only reason that Jack was able to break the cycle of being an abusive alcoholic ain’t shit dad is BECAUSE HE DIED??

    It’s a strong possibility that life and lineage could’ve easily turned him from the Super Jack that we know and love to his dad and his dad’s dad before him.

    Jack died a hero because he didn’t live long enough to become the villain.

    ~Alovelydai (a lovely day)

  9. Fuck TRUMP

    Hello my faves! This episode so far is the best for me. I love the butterfly effect thing going on. If one thing was to change who knows how things would have been. Things I think of on a daily (because I’m full of anxiety) but the way they carefully organize it is genius. But the reason I’m leaving a comment on this episode is because ROD….dog you had me rollin! The part of the show that made me cry the most was the “breathe” scene. And you had to ruin it with yo mess. Now I’m like “ so jack is the BLACK savior?” In my (Nikki FREEDOM VOICE) and FYI fuck that nurse and her lucky number 18!

  10. Law

    Yooo!! That whole episode had me feeling something!

    When Nicky was riding shotgun with Jack, Nicky started looking out the passenger window with the same expression 2PAC had on his last car ride with Suge.

  11. katrese206

    Yo, y’all got me out here like a crackhead… I figured this episode would come out on Friday or Saturday, but I still checked my phone every day, multiple times

    On Jack’s father’s transformation, I took it that he was just super disappointed with Nicky. @ the hospital, he seemed really excited about having another son. But then, we see him treating Nicky terribly in every scene… yet, seems to have some level of respect for Jack. & we see that Nicky was a different/softer kid.

    Also, the final scene broke my heart. Nicky definitely seemed different… he looked hard, as he turned around… but, the look on his face, when he finally looked @ Jack… he looked vulnerable & shattered… like he wanted to breakdown… possibly disappointed that Jack came to save him again… or, just tired & weary. I thought that the actor played that scene very well.

    Take care & thanks so much for your hard work.

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