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BDS 278: Booooooo Yaaaaaah!

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, G-League paying, Amari Cooper traded, Lakers fight, Patrick Peterson wants out, Victor Cruz and Karrueche, Mayweather wants to fight Khabib, Rhianna declined Super Bowl, Hyde traded, OBJ news, Nick Bosa quits Ohio State, Michael B Jordan invites Naomi Osaka, Derek Fisher testifying, NFL owners don’t have anthem policy, Jerry Jones goes to the Negro Museum, A-Rod fighting over custody, Rae Carruth jerseys, Terrance Williams investigated, Eric Reid goes off on Malcolm Jenkins, trolls inflamed NFL anthem argument, Serena attacked by Australians, Mike Leach texting, Serena’s coach talking too much, NBA teams want medical records, Lebron producing movie, Zion Williamson wanted to get paid,  Matt Barnes having another baby and Steve Kerr.


  1. CanuckDuke

    What up Rod and Jolden Tate?

    I don’t have much to say this week as The Raptors are doing GREAT and the Pistons might be the .500 team I think they’ll eventually become. I do have an observation about the start of this NBA season. I think the NBA really is the greatest league in North America because it seems like there’s something happening every night. This season has been so wild so far that no one is really blown away that a LeBron-led team is starting off slow, The Warriors are entertaining dropping 200 on teams and that Kawhi Leonard is indeed that dude. Other pro sports leagues could never quite frankly.

    Anyway, I was looking at a Player Projection feature on ESPN.com provided by Five Thirty Eight. Someone over there really doesn’t like Carmelo Anthony as they had him graded out as a SCRUB. I hollered out loud when I read that. No one else had that projection based on the 30+ other players I searched for.

    Here’s the link for reference: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/carmelo/carmelo-anthony/

    As for my non-NBA takes this week
    — Boston Red Sox Fans are THE WORST. Throwing beer cans at players while celebrating? Denting the world series trophy in the process?
    — This week Detroit Lions head coach Matt “The Reformed Frat Boy” Patricia lectured a member of Detroit Media about looking professional during a press conference. Pot. Kettle. Black as fuck.

    Keep up the good work fellas, I’m out.

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jye Lue,

    I hope all is good with y’all.

    This might be the most Cleveland week I can remember in awhile: fire coaches from teams that weren’t gonna win shit to begin with. What difference does firing a coach do when the job itself is awful and the team is gonna rack up losses anyway? Pablo Torres compared taking the Browns job to moving into a haunted house and I can see why that young man got into Harvard. Would you move into a house where the realtor straight up said, “This property is haunted and I promise you one of the trees will try to eat your kids”. Would you? Ugh. These damn lightskint coaches. Browns need a darkskint coach like the Steelers.

    And then you have the Cavs, where there is a distinct possibility that I look up to Jimmy Butler cussing out Kevin Love and Jimmy Sexton while coach Rick “Ricky 3 Stacks” Petino stands on the sideline, distracted by someone’s wife and a chance to get his dirty mack on.

    I hope that Minnesota takes that offer from Houston because there is no way in hell try-hard ass Jimmy Butler and Chris “I’ve Had To Fight All My Life” Balls can peacefully coexist. Jimmy gonna do some disrespectful shit like yell at CP3 and stare straight over his head. I can’t wait.

    Y’all two have an excellent basketball acumen, so i have a strategy question for y’all: how if someone were to kick Clay Thompson dead in his chest, could that slow him down? How else are folks supposed him or the rest of the Warriors?

    Derrick Rose dropped 50 last night? Are his knees now hot enough to melt steel beams?

    Shouts out to Maryland for firing DJ Durkins…after WaPo revealed the board of regents threatened to fire university president Wallace Loh if Loh fired Durkins. That’s how you do accountability right? Right?

    Have a great day and show y’all, peace!

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Duhamel

    My man was posted up, missing his old boo thing and all he wanted was a “hey big head” text. Instead he played himself, was disrespected all over Beyoncé’s internet, and got Fergie roasted again by Donkey and the Warriors with that fire remix. This is the kind of poor decision making I expect from the dude that got out acted by Tyrese in those Transformers movies.

    But it’s a week of that other shoe finally dropping all around. Arya finally caught up to Littlefinger’s ass in Cleveland. How do you get fired six games after a finals trip? When you just lost the best player of all-time? But on the lowest of keys this was the best thing for him. Ty Lue gets to be on that Mike Brown plan and get paid by a better team because this Cavs team might not sniff 20 wins.

    But a real RIP to the Cleveland Blacks. My man was having his best season as a coach and he still got fired for messing with a white man. I’m just looking forward to Doughstax’s emails this season because he’s gonna have a lot of pain to lash out at. And I say this as my trash ass niners might just lose our next two games to the Raiders and Giants and lock up that #1 pick. The race to the bottom is on niggas!

  4. fyahworks

    Greetings Brother rod and jyron Lue

    Cleveland sports is having the best week ever uh?

    From $2 tickets vs the nets,

    To Sunday morn’ The Cavs letting go of Lue 6 games In ? Why not fire him during the summer? You let that man go through training camp, preseason, and 6 losses? So 1-5 would have saved his job? You know what? Just call them niggaz…… I think dan Gilbert has the most coaches on payroll that no longer work for the company! Just give king James the mvp now!

    Then Monday morn’, the overtimes, let go hue Jackson and Todd Haley. Funny, you lose in regulation and lose yo job with your 2-36-2 ass! Overtime & Times were saving his job I guess!

    Peace out


    • fyahworks

      Ps might be too late, but it would have been funny if you had a jimmy butler trade watch like how you did the “ count-up” for Bobby shmurda!!

  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Justin,

    Houston is offering four first round picks for Jimmy Butler? As soon as they offered one of those picks I’m saying yes and hanging up the phone.

    Minnesota is about to be set up for a while and Houston is putting a guy who can’t shoot threes on a roster that’s three-dependent.

    Butler and Melo. Just why.

    Nick Z

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