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1783: Hennything Is Possible

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Rod and Karen a PSA, LGBTQ news, halting robocalls, Tyler Perry killing of Madea, XXXTentacion confession released by Pitchfork, Chris Rock Kevin Hart movie, KY shooter not charged with hate crime, racist Trump ad, Athony Ekundayo Lennon, South Park Susan turns herself in, Hennessy-fest stampede, moped baby couple, man with suspended license and sword ratchetness.

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  1. kccolon10

    The worst day of the week is when I run out of regular & premium TBGWT episodes. I just want ya’ll to know that.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Rod & Karen, I got to listen to this episode as the elections were ending, as a Texan I am appalled at the cuckery my fellow Texans have shown by voting for Rafael Edward Cruz, aka Ted “Cuck” Cruz. We should now be called the Lone Cuck state. Plus that 53% is back at it again by overly supporting that guy. Speaking of which, I have a “friend” I’ve had to distance myself from, we met in 2008 on our first deployment to Iraq. Skip 10 years later she has gone full 53% and had been posting videos and such on here social about how voting doesn’t matter and its all s joke. I just scroll past and do my part, after all that has been going on in the world no way can i subscribe to that way of thinking, but I am a black man, and she is a blonde haired blue eyed woman so to each their own. I voted for the first time in my life this time and not all what i voted for went my way but at least I tried, I always felt that while in the military asking for and sending in absentee ballots was too much work, not thinking about the people that were killed trying to do the same thing. Thanks for another episode of great content, #Hennythingispossible

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