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1782: Welcome To The Cookout™ Bernie!

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Rod and Karen discuss Karen going to Double Dare, Rod’s random thoughts, Kanye done with politics, Bernie calls out Trump, USGS porn virus, Tinder voting scam, Megyn Kelly Canceled Party, Cardi vs Nicki, Rebel Wilson blocking blacks, woman scams Trumpers, rapper falls to death during video, fire chief’s wife arrested, AirBnB nightmare and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Trey_swindu744

    Speaking of scamming ass Bernie ,is scamming ass Jill Stein ok-she’s on Twitter acting like Putin got on her ass like Black Dynamite was yelling at Euphoria. Did Putin threaten to send her to Crenshaw Pete – with his HOT ASS COAT HANGERS!!!!…lol

    Thanks again Rod and Karen!


  2. Evie E

    That girl who scammed the Maga people should have held off a little longer until she got even more money. I would have been cooning it up just long enough to get some bill paid because clearly coonning only pays but so much money. If it paid as much as people think it does, Cubic Zirconia and Polyester would have been able to afford better wigs by now.

  3. AbsintheMinded

    He is the Sideshow Bob of Terrorism.

  4. Law

    Maybe I’m just a little less forgiving, but I don’t want Bernie at the cookout. Y’all can invite him, but he don’t get to take no plate home. I’m slapping it out of his feeble hands.

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