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1781: You Either With Me Or Against Me

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Rod and Karen discuss the historical context of black people voting and our trip to / from Irvine, CA.

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  1. kccolon10

    Now that the mid-term elections are over, i’m just proud of everyone that took the time to cast their vote. I am very happy for all of the newly elected leaders this country has to offer, and so happy about all of the firsts that we had during this election. While this administration has left a lot of us tired and broken-hearted, to see so many people come out in droves is just amazing. Seeing young people get elected to positions of power was really shocking for me, and with the average age of congress going down by ten years overnight is really remarkable. To be honest, I didn’t even know I could run for congress at the age of 27 years old. But BABY!! Now that I DO know, I might be on this here campaign trail when I get back to the states. That’s not a joke, that’s (clap) REAL (clap) TALK.

    Rod and Karen, will ya’ll have me on the show if I decide to run for office? You’re my official podcast channel. I don’t have no money for you at the moment, but I got some five star reviews on the way and a 3-piece at your favorite chicken spot.

    This was empowering. I’m not gonna lie. I’m proud of these young democrats. They did their damn job. Now it’s time to get this buffoon up out the oval.

    Love you both!

  2. jamielscorpio

    This whole episode spoke to me. I was listening to this episode while filling out my ballot And on the ballot in Oregon this year was a measure to make racial profiling legal and a measure to basically ban abortions. So even if you’re in a state that is blue it is still important to vote cause you never know what ppl try to sneak by in these mid term elections. And I too was on a flight that got delayed but due to weather. And let me tell you the white folks on the plane damn there lost there shit. To the fact they were demanding to speak to the pilot. Another great episode and I hope y’all enjoyed the pumpkin cornbread peace.

  3. bamil73

    Hello my thick-lipped votin’ ass negroes.

    Your sermon on voting and Oprah’s “shaming” people to vote resonated with me. First off, full disclosure. I am not american and outside the couple years doing grad school in Boston 10 years ago, I don’t live in the states. Believe it or not, American elections have consequences for me and people like me too. I live in Canada, so Trump’s bullshit policies have a direct effect on our lives. I’m from Jamaica, and his foreign policy, or lack of foreign policy, has a direct effect on people there as well. For instance, if you are an LGBTQ person in Kingston, Jamaica and the US embassy is lit up with the rainbow colours for pride month it has a profound effect on your mental health, because of the day to day homophobia that you have to hide your true self from, that small gesture can tell you that there is hope out there. That doesn’t happen anymore. If you are a woman in a repressive country that receives american aid money, if the administration is actively pushing women’s rights they can softly nudge a repressive government to change. With respect to stability in the world, that dumb motherfucker killed the deal that Obama struck with Iran. Which regime is going to negotiate with America to kill it’s rogue nuclear program in good faith if they know the next guy might just kill it, then threaten them with war? Your elections, even mid-terms, have far reaching effects outside your borders. The Saudi government may not have killed that guy if they knew they would face real opposition from the US administration. As I write this I see that the Dems have taken over the house so hopefully that provides some limits on your president. So thank you.

    On a separate but related note, I have no patience for non-voters. If your black-ass votes did not count they would not try to suppress them. In Jamaica we achieved full universal adult suffrage in 1944, so until then, all the decisions that affected Jamaica were made in Britain by white people, who had nothing but contempt for the black majority. As a matter of fact, people were killed or made to rot in prison for agitating for the right to vote. So a vote for black people in the diaspora is a hard won right that is expensive if wasted. When I got citizenship up here in Canada, I made sure I voted in the first election I could. I pay these high-ass motherfucking taxes, you best believe that I will vote to have a say about how its spent, because the people that would prefer I don’t live in their Canada, vote in EVERY election.

    Lastly as taco controversies go, you were just playing. If you REALLY wanted to tempt cancellation you would have taken a pic of something from Taco Bell and captioned it with “Finally an authentic taco”.


  4. theBaconzilla


    I missed all of Tacogate and i’m not backscrolling through twitternanigans to find out.
    I’m trying to get my work done and i have to keep stopping to explain why i’m out loud howling.

    I miss Southern AZ tacos.
    tacos in the PNW are trash.
    I took tacos for granted.
    I’m so glad you got the full taco experience.

    which involves 100 million ways to have tacos.


    Thank you for spreading your truth as always.
    Love you both



    Rod you are right, we all need to vote. I normally don’t vote during the mid-terms, but this year was different, I truly felt change could come in Texas this year, so I made sure, my wife and I were at the polls bright and early before work, so that there wouldn’t be any issues trying to vote in the evening before they close. If you don’t like the choices given, vote for the interest of your family and friends, like Rod mentioned. At the very least go and vote just to make the honkies uncomfortable, that your exercising your right. I had their grimaces and dirty looks for breakfast, they were scrumptious.
    I’m glad you enjoyed your time in, my home state. I wish I could’ve attended the UC Irvine event, but I live in Texas now. Fucc the OC though, they have pockets of racists there. It sounds like the mall you went to was South Coast Plaza. As you mentioned, it is a very expensive mall, its essentially the Beverly Center of the OC.
    I wanted to tell you guys to try a burger place and sea food joint in the OC area, but I figured, you had a plethora of people offering up food ideas I would’ve advised you to go to Slaters 50/50, they offer burgers that are 50%% bacon and 50% ground beef. The sea food place was Hot and Juicy Crawfish or the boing crab, they both sale sea food boils with the seafood boiled in several different flavors. I don’t play with food choices, and I wouldn’t have steered you wrong.
    I think everybody gave you the business about the tacos because Chronic Tacos was started by Wee Man from the Jack Ass Series, I’m not sure if he still has an owners interest in the business anymore. You probably had people saying why not go 40 mins south to San Diego (Fucc San Diego, and by the way did you know that the name San Diego, means a whales vagina) or north to LA for some tacos. Or even better, some people probably said the tacos aren’t authentic unless there from a cart, on the side of the road, in Mexico.
    There are some places that serve carne asada fries, its like chili cheese fries, but with carne asada, avacodo, pico de gallo, sour cream, instead of chili. Good tacos come in all forms in Cali. Fries in your burrito or taco, started in San Diego, but has creeped up to some spots in LA. The Bay got some good places as well, but LA and San Diego is where it is at, for tacos. Lastly, you mentioned the Mexican Soda that comes in a glass, those are called Jarriotos (pronouced Ha ri toes), they used to cost 25. cents, but the further east you go, the more expensive they become, due to proximity of distribution. Those soda are on point and they use real sugar as opposed to high fructose corn syrup. Next time you want to troll folks, eat a deconstructed taco, and watch everybody lose their minds. Keep up the great work Rod and Karen, your work is much appreciated!

  6. Forest

    Man, thank you for speaking on the Oprah and Black voting stuff. One of the aspects of this superwokeness that I’ve seen…I’m trying to find a delicate way to say this. A lot of it, to me, has to do with the specificity of Black Americaness culturally. There’s a shared black experience with our African and Caribbean brothers and sisters, but for us that are generations deep here, especially if we’re from the south, the history with sacrifices made for voting ain’t remotely distant. You guys are only like 2-3 years older than me. So, I know that you guys are probably like me in that the people of the Civil Rights Movement who fought and were beat and in some cases died for our right are our actual ass aunts and uncles, maybe a grandparent at the most distant. In my case, these folks are still alive, sending me prayer chain letters on Facebook on a weekly basis. So, when someone tries to say it’s a shame tactic to talk about the sacrifice that was made for us to be able to participate in the franchise, it’s personal in a way that it’s just not for black folks whose families haven’t been here for generations. You’re talking about all the older folks I grew up around. When I have seen Black Americans who are generations deep have an issue with Oprah’s message, it’s been b/c they’ve build their entire identity and business model off of selling some form of snowflake blackness. I mean, get your money, but I just wish niggas wouldn’t act so brand new about all this when so damn much is on the line.

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