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1789: Sleeping on Carol

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Rod and Karen recap the Walking Dead.
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  1. Mack

    Was the x on Michonne’s back due to kidney theft? Did they bring back the old urban legend where people had a kidney stolen and woke up in a tub of ice? What did they do for ice in the ZPoc?

    The Saviors should have known by now to either kill Carol or leave her be. They finally got what they were looking for.

    Eugene noticed that the heard made a U-turn. Between that and the talking, I’m curious about zombie evolution. Are the zombies that are still living ones that have found living animals to feed on? The ones that we see all wasted away and barely moving, are those ones that never found anything to eat? How does the zombie ecosystem work?

  2. Anonymous

    I wonder if Michonne had her kidney stolen by whatever group caused them to change their ways. But when it was a big scare a few years ago, people woke up in tubs of ice (not sure if this was urban legend or real). What did they do in the Z-poc?

    I don’t know why that group of saviors still thought Carol was one to be trifled with. By now they should have known when they saw her to either kill her or leave her be.

    I wonder which of the people took over hilltop?

    And when Eugene realized that the heard made a U-turn, and then subsequently heard them whispering…yeah, that’s a lot.I guess I never really got whether the zombies were sustained by eating living animals. Are the ones that we see looking super emaciated on the ground ones that never found anything to eat? The evolution of these zombies makes me curious about how the whole zombie ecosystem works.

  3. Anonymous

    Michonne’s hard “No” gave me all the feels!
    Judith and Negan were too cute together!
    Carol stay stunning on all these regular azz hoomans!

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