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BDS 281: Jimmy Just Wants His Bag

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Draymond vs KD, Jimmy Buckets gets traded, Melo getting cut, Le’Veon not showing up, JR Smith has to buy a phone, Adam Silver supports gun protests, Peterman released, OBJ’s girl is single, Hue Jackson gets a new gig, Serena cover backlash, Ohio State racism scandal, Mike Gundy, Mariners racism scandal, Matt Barnes goes on rant against baby moms, Iverson met MJ, Charlie Rogers sword ratchetness, Khloe and Tristan working it out, LeBron passes Wilt, Casey beats Raptor, Zion got offered football scholarship, Adonis Creed gear and Mayweather fight back on.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jincinnatti Bengals,

    I hope all is well. The Browns, the Cavs and Ohio State all won in the same holiday weekend. Ohio State ate some romaine lettuce and straight shitted 60 points on Michigan.

    Niggas, the Browns beat the Bengals like a set of snare drums and my mans handed Hugh the interception he caught! Baker’s hatred of Hugh Jackson is high key confusing and reeks of ITWAN, by the way. Oh and yes, the Browns (who dropped and fried the Falcons like some Popeye’s) do play the Panthers (who did not beat the Falcons) in like 2 weeks. This week they play the Texans. Do y’all think Bob McNair’s final moments were spent hoping he could hold on just long enough not to die on Nig- I mean Black Friday?

    The Cavs beat the Sixers, with both teams looking confused about the outcome. Jimmy Butler’s defense looking suspect as fuck when Tristan can drop 18, Rodney “Lightskint Brotha #1” Hood can drop 25 and Jordan “Lightskint Brotha #2” Clarkson can drop 19. And Cleveland’s future great white hype Cedi Osman can drop 20 as well? Jimmy Butler already fucking up the team. First he got lit up by future starting Lakers guard Kemba Walker and now the Cavs out here shooting the lights out over him?

    Speaking of defensive stalwarts fucking all the way up….Dwight Howard. Nig. Guh. First and foremost, the homophobia and transphobia running up and down the timeline is awful, especially the harrassment against Masin Elijé.

    And I believe Elijé’s claims cuz that shit all fits Dwight’s M.O. with his sexual partners.

    Does it surprise y’all that Dwight would date someone, cheat on them with a woman without a condom and then be a an outright bastard to them? We’ve seen him do this *how* many times to his baby mamas? Dwight has spent his career being unable to shoot a 3 but always able to shoot up the club and post Shawn Kemp numbers in the maternity ward. The difference here is that there ain’t another baby for Dwight to swear ain’t his.

    For real though: Is it that surprising to straight folks that Dwight might treat Elijé the same way he treats his baby mamas?

    Sorry for the length of this and have a great weekend y’all, peace!

  2. FalconsDiva

    Hey Rod and Justin!

    I just could not let the moment pass without saying – talk yo shit DoughStax, TALK YO SHIT!!! I was minding my own business, behind on the pod listening as usual, when Leonard Brothers tagged me in a tweet about how Dough was talking – and I quote – ALL THE SHIT!!! The Browns beat my Falcons real good. Shoot I was at that horrible (to me) game. My first game in the cold. Let me just say, the Browns fans were so nice – when we started leaving early, they didn’t even taunt us. As I hung around Cleveland the next 2 days with my Falcons gear on, people would thank me. Not as a joke but there was genuine gratefulness. Being from Cleveland, I’m always happy when the city experiences some modicum of joy. So talk yo shit Dougstax, you certainly deserve it. And the way you went through all that trouble to get to 28-3, I love your numerical genius. Because it’s the Browns and my hometown, I won’t even attempt to make a 1-31 joke. But as I reflected on numbers, I couldn’t help but to think of 1994 – the year I graduated from the illustrious North Carolina A&T State University. It’s also the last season the Browns won a playoff game. January 1, 1995 to be exact. I remember celebrating because I was still a Browns fan back then. Then the Browns left Cleveland… and here I am. Yes! Talk yo shit Doughstax – do it while you can because despite these past 2 wins, it’s still the Browns. Perhaps they’ll return to the late 80’s Browns that I grew to love – that went to the playoffs almost every year and broke my heart. The ones that trained me to be the dedicated Falcons fan that I am today.

    Have a great show today guys!

  3. rodimusprime

    What up, fellas. I just saw someone ask their Twitter TL who the best high school basketball player they’ve ever seen is. I had to think about it for a second, but for me it’s a 2 part answer. The first part is the fact I was at the 1991 McDonald’s All American Game. That was the year guys like the Fab 5, Big Dog Robinson, Travis Best, Donyell Marshall, and Corey Alexander were in it. And part 2 of my answer is Terrance and Shay Christie. They are brothers, and I went to school with them for a couple years. Shay and I were on the same team for a while too. They both ended up playing D1 ball at Clemson. Terrance was older, and he was the first person I ever saw legitimately shoot the ball with either hand. His J was wet with both hands, although I think he was right handed. Anyway, I wanted to ask you guys who you think the best high school players you’ve seen in person are?

    L Brothers

  4. fyahworks

    Hey rod & jue Jackson

    Man oh man was them bengals embarrassed by the Cleveland blacks or what? I mean you got the browns defense picking off balls then handing them to hue! The memes were hilarious and you had baker talking his shit! Will hue Jackson be the first coach fired twice in the same year?

    I also have been enjoying the td celebrations this season! I like that the defense does some as well. The other day, the Seahawks Tyler Lockett did the “Allen Iverson step over Tyron Lue” and I saw a team do the limbo! Which has been your favorite if any so far?

    Love the show as always
    Have a great show and rest of the week


  5. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Peterson

    What y’all thought a little suspension was gonna stop Adrian Peterson and his child beating hands? This nigga! Where is his agent????? Even if you are still beating your kids, you ain’t gotta tell us! Especially after you already got in trouble for it.

    Shout to y’all being ahead of the conversation on Kemba. That boy is balling out of control. Meanwhile the NBA’s leading scorer is getting paid less than Austin Rivers, Jeremy Lin, and Dion Waiters. If anybody needs to be pulling a Jimmy Butler and get his money it’s him.

    And is there a more Browns story than the news that they might have wanted to interview Condoleeza Rice for Head Coach. Even though both sides denied it, the fact that so many folks immediately believed it was something they would do tells you everything about how that organization is run. At this point I almost want to see them do it. Ignoring the slap in the face to women who have actually been in the game and working their way up as coaches, but if you’re Cleveland, how can you do any worse? I’ll take that and a Rams/Chiefs rematch in the Super Bowl and be a happy man.

    Appreciate y’all always and hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! So good to hear Karen back on the show like the old days. Love y’all peace!

  6. fyahworks

    Hey rod and jashington wizards and perhaps Karen! (Aka the big 3!)

    It was great to have Karen on last week

    What a shit show we are having in the nations captial. The wizards are playing like trash, then Scott brooks is trying to rally the troops, and John Wall, who is the “leader” of this squad says “fuck you, you ain’t my daddy”! If this terrible start wasn’t a sign of the end, this sure was. Wizards owe brooks too much to let him stay home and get paid and they just backed up the brinks truck for Wall, so that leaves Beal, who said he is frustrated to skip town. Where do you think he may end up?

    The #hennygod said he not with that tank shit and wants to be traded. The fact that he is owed so much money I don’t see who gonna want to pick him up. He like the car that’s worth 5k but you financed and still put 12k on it! Him and Melo in the same banana boat and I feel they will be dywane wading in the water for a while!

    Shouts to that boy kemba dropping 60 followed by 43! Rod, please email Michael mama jean wearing Jordan and tell him pay that man!!!!

    Shouts to the king for hitting south beach with that 51 and finally beating Miami for the first time since he has left. People were mad he took that last second shot to get 51 after the lakers were already up by 13 with seconds to go! But the king gon king!

    Lastly that Monday gave was something else!
    Could this be a Super Bowl preview???

    Have a great show, day, weekend, holiday



  7. Anonymous

    Hey rod and jashington wizards

    What a shit show we have in the district. Wizards playing like can’t get right from the movie life! Scott brooks trying to coach John wall and he said fuck you , you ain’t my daddy!
    Someone gotta go, they ain’t gonna fire Scott brooks. He’s owed too much money. As is John Wall. That leaves us with Beal, could you see the wizards turning it around? (I don’t either) or could he end up with perhaps Justin’s lakers?

    The #hennygod said he wanted out Cleveland, he not with that tanking shit! Problem is he is owed too much money. He is in the Melo banana boat. They both might be dywane wading in the water for a while.

    Shouts to kemba on the 60 piece followed by the 43 piece in back to back games. Rod, he email Michael mama jean wearing Jordan and tell him pay that man! Also shouts to the king, or dropping 51 in south beach and finally beating the heat since he left there. People were getting mad he took that last 3 to cross 50, when they were already up by 13! But the king gon king!

    Lastly that chiefs/rams game was something on Monday. Super bowl preview perhaps? I doubt it, but would y’all like to see a Super Bowl like that game we had on Monday?

    Have a great show, day, weekend


  8. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod , Justin and possibly Karen

    I am finally happy this Jimmy Butler trade is done he was so bad for the team they are playing so much better without him. Wiggins playing like he gotta prove something now and KAT seems to have his confidence back. Also yes the rumor is true Jimmy was busting KAT’s girl down it was all over the local mn streets she went live once in one of our clubs without KAT during the Superbowl last year no one thought it was anything till the pictures surfaced.

    Basketball has been so good this year. The warriors are gonna be ok they just got a few things to work out in 3 weeks they are gonna go on a run of like 8 games and we will be talking about something else besides KD and Donkey fighting. When does Cousins come back because I don’t think he’s needed yet can could mess up the chemistry because he gonna need his touches to. Philly looks like they have no idea how to play with Jimmy out there they are winning but they look confused spacing is off and it just looks off maybe they just need to play more together and it will be fine.

    Can we speak on how the Saints are looking like the best team in the NFC and Brees is in the conversation for GOAT status? I feel like he might get another ring soon hopefully this year. SMH Dez gets signed one day next day out for the season but they picked up Brandon Marshall so they will be cool I think people are noticing the saints just run the ball 30 times a game they need recievers.

    Anyways y’all have a good week

    B Cole

  9. rodimusprime


    Here I am driving home, minding my own black ass business listening to the end of balls deep.* At about three minutes left in the show, here you go dragging my good name! I wasn’t even in the chat room and you dragging me? I’m a good Christian and I’m tired of having to defend my e-name against this defamation. Don’t make me get e-litigious on you. Not Karen, she’s cool! Justin, I’m side eyeing you. Don’t let Rod get you named in an e-lawsuit.


    The Good Christian, head of the Usher Board and leader of the Thursday night Payer Warriors, Ms. Smart

    *I wasn’t driving and typing. The bulk of this message was dictated.*

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