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1798: Klassic Kristmas Karols

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Rod and Karen discuss making a black podcast list, 6ix9ine in jail, men offering natural insemination, helicopter penis man, man fired for lying about viral meme, black xmas movies, Kane Brown, Mia Love, white coach gives black kid a racist hat, racist Xmas float, Salvation Army racists, That’s Ya’ll Man, white people news and sword ratchetness.

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  1. kccolon10

    Y’all get on my NERVES!!!! LMAO. I am CRACKING UP. I could listen to a whole album of Klassic Kristmas Karols. I’m re-playing this episode right now!

  2. Dani from florida

    Kristmas Karols was the best segment ever. My mom and I were dying laughing while listenin in the car. I almost choked on my water listenin to yall sing then racist kristmas karols. I gotta remember not to eat or drink while listenin to yall as a safety precaution. Thanks for another great show.

  3. Evie E

    I’m going to sound old as hell saying this but I find out all my news about current hip hop news from the shade room so I can keep up with the conversation with my younger family members. And that’s how I know who this 69 kid is. Never heard his music, don’t care to but from what I have read up about him, he gets away with saying nigga quite a bit even though he’s mexican and he reps blood and calls himself the king of NY. He’s bragged about being untouchable by the law and how he gets away with everything. But every time there was a video of this fool he was surrounded by ten of the biggest black bodyguards I’ve ever seen. That’s how I knew this kid was all talk.

    So I don’t feel a bit sorry for him. I see so many people saying they wouldn’t wish jail on anyone. Well, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Some people need to be in jail. He repped that life and got involved in some mess so this is the price he has to pay for surrounding himself with gang members. I remember a time when rappers used to rap to get out of the game, not to get in it. They got this boy on RICO charges. If he’s found guilty of any of it, he’s going to be in jail for longer than 7 years. Oh well.

  4. greatunclebob

    How has Ted Nugent not made half of those racist Christmas songs already. The MAGA crew leaving them racist dollars on the table.

  5. reallydarkknight

    Hey Y’all,

    I had to go back and listen to the men offering ‘natural insemination’ to the ladies. I mean…dudes put this on Craigslist? And actually get responses? We men are so nasty that people could just go to the mall and get broken off in the next hour. Those cats offering, ehem, ‘services’, might as well have said, “You gon’ get all this dick! I want to get all up in your MILF guts and I want you to make it nasty!”

    Then dude makes a helicopter in a McDonald’s? Man, we ARE trash.


  6. brooklynshoebabe

    Dear Karen and Rod,
    This is what I need for you two do. You have to do a parody Time Life music commercial of Kristmas Karols. The way you two was just whipping out those reimagined racist lyrics was funny as hell yet also ruined some of my fav Christmas carols. LOL. Thank you for making some fucked up stuff funny and bearable.

  7. Trey_Swindu744

    You guys were comedy gold with this weeks episodes -the racist Christmas carols took me out! Hahahahaha Thanks for another great one !


  8. digal704

    These last two podcasts have had me laughing out loud so much! I am so thankful for both of you! I almost cried during the Bulletball episode and this episode was equally funny. This show means a lot to me and has made me think about things differently. I get joy from hearing about new opportunities you have and also when you get recognition from others. I wish you both the best of everything!!

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