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1799: Henry Juice Jones

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Rod and Karen recap the Walking Dead.

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  1. Turq

    Hi Guys,

    The Whisperers are SCARY! This part of the comics freaked me out, but seeing it is the stuff of nightmares. The walker at the beginning of the episode with a live person’s eyes had me staring extra hard at every walker. Then, seeing that walker hit that dip while Jesus was showing off and the other walkers running with knives scared me so bad, I was afraid to get my laundry out the basement afterwards.

    You can’t even tell how many Whisperers there are! Do you think they are a small group, like Rick’s early group? Or medium like the current communities? Or large like the Saviors? Them blending with the walkers is genius because you can’t tell how many of them are around at any moment and it makes killing walkers as unsafe as ever.

    I can’t wait for more of Angela Kang’s storytelling. I just rewatched seasons 4 through 6 looking for the episodes she cowrote. I’m really wondering how much of the storytelling was Scott Gimple vs. other people. I wonder how and why things went so wrong behind the scenes during 7 and 8 because the character development and plot was so good seasons 1 through 6. Even the cliffhanger, which will always live in infamy as the only episode EVER that Karen hated, was genius; though it works more effectively during a binge watch. Either way, I love this show and hope it’s on air for at least 20 years like Law & Order SVU because I’ll always watch.



  2. Deme

    Who in the HELL, left the gate open? Gabe’s lovestruck ass!! Though I agree with Rod on not wanting to see Negan locked up for another 6 years, I still felt utter disappointment in Gabe. Also, I don’t know what left me more shook, Jesus being the one to die, or how he died! Just hope I can get myself together by February, the previews got me real excited for what’s gonna go down. With The Whisperers being discovered and Negan free… whew chile!

  3. fyahworks

    To the recap-ologists Rod & Karen!

    Another great recap of twd! I mean the twist y’all put on it with the titles and songs and clips, no one does it like y’all!

    I’m happy they finally revealed the whispers! That fight scene looked straight out of mortal kombat from sega days! That zombie caught him with the finish him and crucified Jesus! He probably be back in 3 days but I doubt it!

    2 questions I have… last episode when dog got caught up in the trap do you think that was coincidence? Or maybe the whisperers were behind it? And lastly is this the first half season only you and Karen did the reviews? No guests? Not that it matters but I realized I don’t recall any guests! And I enjoy it same way!


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