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TTM 50: The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey

    Wow Randall really is trying to go from classy to ashy, who the fuck does he think he is talking to Beth like that ! Glad they made up by the end of the episode ,but I so wanted Randall to lose that election, even with the flashbacks with young Randall and jack(which made me tear up) -I’m really over the election storyline.

    Kate almost went back to her trash ass ways but she seems to be redeeming herself . I was glad she realized how important those action figures were to him and she at least tried to make it right with new ones . It was good to see Toby being an awesome husband getting the mini stadium made for Kate too.

    I was glad Zoe and Kevin made up , because I am really rooting for them! I really hope Kevin can help Zoe manage her terrible trauma that she experienced as a kid and begin breaking through and start a new life with Kevin -even though she broke up with a guy by email…lol . Zoe’s reasoning for breaking up with dude might have been understandable but the execution was trash …lol

    I’m still tripping off Nicky being alive and from the preview next week Jack knew and he even visited him . I can’t wait to see what he did to have jack not want to have anything to do with him. Looks like we will find out soon.

    Thanks again Rod and Bassey!


  2. rodimusprime

    Rod and Bassey!

    So please forgive me, this is the first time I am writing in but I listen to you guys all the time. I am horribly behind this season because I have a 17-month toddler and TV is becoming harder to keep up with.

    I have not listened to your last 2 episodes because toddler but I wanted to get this email out to you before listening. I know you probably won’t get to this listener letter until the new year.

    Anyway…here I go!

    I love that the first half of the season focused more on the “other Pearsons” i.e. Toby, Beth, and Miguel. Allowing them to have a bit more depth and shine this season was a nice surprise. Like you I have grown to like Toby more and more each season but this season he has really had my heart. I was scared for him when he decided to go off his meds but I was really happy that Kate stepped up and for once didn’t make it about her but really was there for Toby and getting him back to himself. Yay Kate! I’m now rooting for her….finally!

    My girl Beth….she really is going through it and I really need Randall to see that. She has always let Randall do whatever he wants even though she hasn’t agreed but supported him anyway. Randall is all over the place this season and like you, I am not here for any of it. His priorities are out of wack and I think all his shenanigans of trying to save everyone but his wife and this is wearing on Beth. She needs him and he gives her a pity job on his failing campaign and then breaks the one promise he made her. I just can’t take him not seeing his faults in this situation, I am pretty disappointed. BUT in the flash forward my friend pointed out that Randall is not wearing his wedding band and Beth looks great…the kinda great you look when you get that dead weight off of you. Anyway, I hope they are able to fix this riff….#TeamBeth

    Miguel….it was nice to see him with his kids and always refreshing to see him ride for Rebecca so hard (do we recall when he checked Kevin when he moved in from the rehab?). His son is a dick but I guess he never processed his hurt from his parent’s divorce. I now believe Miguel had nothing to do with Jack’s death.

    Ok, this is already too long but one more thing…I stan real hard for Kevin he is my favorite Pearson after Jack of course. He has been through SOOOOO MUCH but I really like this journey he is on with Jack and Vietnam and I love this new relationship with Zoe (fingers crossed).

    The Jack and Nicky storyline gives a lot insight into Jack’s wanting to save everyone nature (Randall totally gets this from Jack but he doesn’t do it with the same panache). Jack not being able to save his brother for the war, and then drug addiction, and now, not being able to save him from killing that little boy and that lady (I am guessing). It is all TOO MUCH and can’t wait for the show to start up again.

    I really love you guys, you bring me a lot of happiness.

    Happy New Year!


  3. Miss1ko

    Well well well…y’all are the experts and you do be knowing.
    First of that gender reveal was low key and cute. Have you seen the gender reveals fools that folks be out here doing?
    As for Beth saying Chloe was a man eater, I have a cousin like that. And she was indeed a man eater. She had a similar background and if I knew someone who was interested and knowing her background, I would be like…maybe that’s not what you want. The two things can both be true. IDK if Beth knows everything but though it is problematic, being a victim of abuse sometimes makes people into mates that are less than ideal when they don’t get the help they need.
    As for Deja and her mom. This is where it is the most interesting to me. As someone who grew up in a foster home where kids got adopted into the family sometimes it is absolutely the best thing to leave your kids alone to grow up and deal with all of this other stuff after they get through the cesspool that is childhood. It may not be the most popular sentimental opinion but most of those opinions don’t see what that kind of confusion does to a child in a foster home being torn and having to feel as if they split loyalties. The first season where you and Bassey broke down how they really did represent the various mental health issues got me into the show. I want to see how much they are consulting with representing foster children and adoptees on tv outside of Dif’frent Strokes or Webster.

    HTGAWM Side Note: Dearest Bassey, Strongjaw Wes (SJW) is on HTGAWM is for people like me who thought Wes was adorable but annoying. He fell in love and had a child with Laurel. LAUREL AGGRAVATING ASS! I wish they were both gone and they kept the baby. At least SJW is FINE. I just want Annalise and Nate and her mama defending poor black people and not them ungrateful kids. Strong Jaw hasn’t done 10% of what the original Keaton 5 have done. He and his neck deserve less hate than any of those entitled kids. Until he does something, so far he has only been trying to help. He prolly the devil though.

    Back to This is Us: Finally, can we all agree to hate NIcki? Kate has been redeemed, Miguel is human now.
    But Nick….We need somebody to hate.

    Answering Rod: If it were me, if I were Kate I would have told my mama (Rebecca) because she is a child. And you liking what I do does not outweigh me looking out for you as a child. She didn’t tell her parents and she kept it to your word. Teach the kids your word is bond and that you will look out from them. Teen problems are typically non issues but in this case it seemed that she was looking out.

    Also, since we are on a break, someone mentioned that the Haunting of Hill House is like a spooky version of this is us. Also, A million little things seems like a cheap version of this is us. Maybe y’all can check it out and see if you like … or if you feel the void. They are not on the level of this too much but sometimes you can drink kool-laid (dem other shows) when you really want juice (This is Us or Insecure).

    This was long, for that I am sorry but I thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day and thanks for the recap and again for getting me into the show.

    Let me go buy people Bassey’s book for Christmas!

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey all,

    Just wanted to add my (late as hell) 2 cents about This Is Us’s flash forward scenes since I just got done listening to This Too Much and I didn’t hear anyone mention this. Pin the tail on the donkey is the game that the Pearsons traditionally played at the Big Three birthday parties. It was mentioned during the episode where the triplets decided to have separate parties. I’m wondering if the family is gathering to celebrate the Big Three’s (and Jack’s) birthday with Rebecca. We know that the game hasn’t been featured in the Big Three’s adult birthdays so I wonder if future Rebecca has dementia or Alzheimer’s and is losing her present-day memories or having trouble keeping track of time. That could also explain why Tess is hesitant to see her because Rebecca is in cognitive decline. It might also explain why Toby is hesitant to go see Rebecca since she might not remember him.

    Who knows? We’ll all find out together when the show returns.

    Love the show! Thanks!


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