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PG 173: Temperature Abuse

Rod and Justin discuss Justin fractured his wrist, taking showers as a couple, women using us for our warmth, Kevin Hart messes up the Oscars, Instragram, The Real Sidechicks Of Charlotte, reality show news, a moment of Iyanla and listener feedback.


  1. mrwwilliamson@yahoo.com

    Hey Rod and JTrill as always last week show was fantastic. But did you have to go all in on us ladies about being cold and needing scolding water to warm our glorious bodies? Or how we love to place our bare feet on y’all warm skin at night? Come on, we only ask for the simplest of things(body heat, shoes and great take out.)
    Now I have an issue and I would like some input from you and Justin. I HATE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!
    I have had it with the same default Christmas songs for centuries now. We are in the days of Trap music and Queen Bey drop down on it jams. Can’t someone come up with some new Christmas jams? I mean I would love to hear some Migos or Cardi B or Tory lanes on some Christmas tracks. Hey maybe that guy that made the jams for Karen and three guys on can come up with something?
    Well anyway you guys have a great week.

  2. fyahworks

    To the paywall pimps
    Rod and J trill;

    What’s up niggaz? Hope the week was good!
    Y’all took it to church last week talking bout showers and temperatures and shit!

    I wanted to ask y’all a question. What is considered a generation? Like how many years? 10 years? 15? 20? The reason for my question is because of the big stir created recently about the king of r&b for this generation! It was started by birdmans new artist jaquees. He is a singer, don’t really follow the young boy, but I know he made a name covering/remixes songs that are out! He did a cover of Ella mai songs trip and boo’d up! Then he recently made that statement and I’m like hold up bruh! You don’t even have a smash hit to call your self king! This caused radio and social media to go crazy naming their Kings! So my questions for y’all is how long is considered a generation? And who do y’all consider the current king of r&b?


  3. katrese206

    I hate/love y’all! I, too, am a notorious temperature abuser. Justin, don’t you dare touch the water heater! About 3-4 years ago, we were having issues with our furnace. A technician came out… in the process of repairing, he said that our water heater temperature was abnormally high, & suggested that we turn it down. Hubby & I agreed to the change. But, no more than a week or two later, I instructed hubby to carry his ass back to the attic to put it back to the old temperature!

    Then, after I gave birth to our daughter, 2 years ago, hubby suggested that we change the temperature on the water heater again, so we wouldn’t have a scare with her. I responded with an emphatic NO! & told him that he just needed to be careful when bathing her. LOL!

    On hogging all the covers… I don’t consciously try to take them in my sleep… I’ve always just attributed it to my hips & ass moving the covers about, during the night… LOL!

    Thoroughly enjoyed this episode… love you guys!

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