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BDS 283: Big Loss Energy













Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Urban Meyer retiring, Kareem Hunt cut, Durant hating on Lebron, LaVar Ball, Bron could own the Cavs, Pamela El retiring, Dwight Howard injured, Matt Barnes child support, Dez is Team Kareem, Patrick Beverley, Jerry Jones is zero tolerance, Ada Hegerberg asked to twerk, Packers, Kelvin Benjamin cut, Doc Rivers on black players, Laila Ali hits man with car, Washington considered Kaepernick, Packers fire assistant coach, Greg Hardy UFC match, Eric Murdock suing United, Brandon Browner sentenced to 8 years, Maryland’s new coach, Alex Smith surgery complications and USA Gymnastics is bankrupt.


  1. rodimusprime

    Howdy Rod and J. Sanchez,

    Did y’all see Mark Sanchez out there looking like the poor man’s Peter Man last weekend for the Washington Racial Slurs? Knocked them right out of playoff contention. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving franchise.

    It’s almost become cliche to point out how much better Kaepernick is than some of the scrubs starting around the NFL, but in the case of Sanchez it’s worth looking into a little further. Sanchez been sorry his whole career, obviously, but this is the same dude who was arrested for sexual assault while at USC, and had sex with a 17 year old high school student when he was the Jets QB. Add another exhibit to the collusion case.

    Have a good one y’all


  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jalik Monk

    This is your king MJ stans??? Imagine if that was any other owner in sports smacking one of his players on the head, folks would be trying to get him up outta the paint. LeBron didn’t even put paws to JR Smith in the finals last year, but this ol baggy jeans wearing, henny drinking wannabe goat thinks it’s cool? Y’all got it.

    And your boy Steph had me worried for a minute this week, but I knew y’all taught him the important lessons in life at the Y. And #1 was how to troll. This is what we all HOPED Kyrie was doing.

    It’s just too bad it wasn’t enough to handle the new look Raptors, even without Kawhi. Toronto does have NBA assist leader Kyle Lowry. He back!! Peace y’all, have a great week as always. Hope y’all both heal up well.

    • Amani

      P.S. How about them Knicks! Y’all lose to us and the Browns in the same week? That 2020 RNC curse must be starting early!

      The Noah Vonleh revenge game and scrapping Mudiay out of the trash can’t be stopped!

  3. fyahworks

    Season greetings
    Rod & jhicago bulls

    So the bulls are having some season! One of the worst records in the league! One of the worse teams in the league! Fired the coach! And now Jabari “40 million dollar contract” Parker has fell out rotation! There are also reports of extreme practices which still result in losses! If I’m not mistaken, didn’t the bulls recently suffer their worse loss in franchise history? By about 49 points? Atleast Jabari secures the bag! But since that injury henaint been the same!

    I also wanted to get you guys opinions or a trending topic in the nba this season, players threatening / cursing out fans! Kevin Durant, montrez Harrell, Patrick Beverley and a few others have been caught doing this. I don’t care how much a person pays for a ticket, they have no right to call out a players family or go overboard!! You can call them all type of trash, garbage, and bums, but a line needs to be drawn!

    Finally, last week I asked you guys about the chargers, and last night they beat the #1 team in the afc ( chiefs)! They are now tied as far as records go! It’s nice to see old man rivers have a good season and although I don’t see them in the super bowl, they deserve to at least compete for one!
    Thanks for all you guys do!

    Happy holidays

    Laughing always

  4. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jam Newton,

    I hope all is well.

    I wanna congratulate Atlanta United for winning the MLS Cup and the city of Atlanta for joining the Broken Championship Drought Club. And a championship is a championship, so what up Atlanta?! And shouts out to Atlanta United for choking out the Portland Timbers like Thanos did Loki and left no doubt for those 90 minutes who was going to win the match. FalconsDiva, congratulations and I hope you partied it up watching The Five Stripes bring a title to Atlanta! Like there is something really dope of a seeing team bring a title to a city to break a drought and I am so happy it happened for Atlanta! I’m so happy for y’all niggas. And now that y’all got ‘ship, you get to be brolic with anyone talking noise to y’all for the rest of your lives. Or y’all do what I do, which is take shots at places with no titles. Speaking of which:

    It’s kinda dope that the Carolina Panthers have that slogan at the Charlotte airport of “One Team, Two States”, because I think losing to the Browns creates an “L” too big for just one state handle. Fortunately, the state of North Carolina looks like a flat top sitting on top of South Carolina, which is fitting cuz god did the Panthers look flabby and sick, shouts out to FiyaStarter. The Panthers having more total yardage, passing yardage and longer time-of-possession was like that signature Carolina humidity: a bunch of useless hot ass air that doesn’t faze anybody from Cleveland. We humidity, hot ass air and and NFL team too. Know what else we have? A better record in the NFC South than the Panthers (Browns 2-2. Panthers 2-3). Most popular clips online of Baker Mayfield are him dancing to Migos. Most popular audio clips online of Cam Newton are him tanking basic cliches worse than his throwing over the Browns wet-paper bag defense. Speaking of passing stats, why has Cam thrown more picks (106) in 7 years with Carolina than former Browns scrap heap QB Jake Delohmme (89) did in Carolina? I mean the actual reason is that Jake Delohmme was just some tall white man with a last name I ain’t bothering to spell check and Cam is a once in a generation talent…but I won’t let facts get in the way of me being a sore winner.

    Speaking of losers: I don’t appreciate the Chicago Bulls out here vying for the crown in the Zion Williamson Sweepstakes. I mean, I understand a franchise that hasn’t been close to a title in 20 years is liable to be some trash, but goddamn! I thought the Cavs had bad coaching but the Bulls are out here with a slave driver coach pulling his starters out of a game so he could run them extra hard?! How does a franchise fall so far and so low that they hire a guy who thinks he’s the NBA’s version of Bobby Knight?

    Rod, do you and Justin ever get tiring of being right all the time? Y’all called Jimmy Butler being the Typhoid Mary of team chemistry wherever he goes and y’all also called Houston. I feel really bad for Markell Fultz because I can’t imagine how difficult it is to try to fix your shot while also dealing with Thorastic Outlet Syndrome, but it cannot be made any easier with Jimmy Butler off in the corner talking shit like he ain’t get the Amistad Special at Great Clips. Jimmy Butler out here in the media acting like he ain’t fucking up things for yet another young center? Ugh. The gall of this nigga.

    So if I told y’all there was a running back with 708 rushing yards and 124 receiving yards with 1 TD on the season, what would y’all say? Now what would y’all say if I said those were Frank Gore’s stats right the fuck now? Is that nigga gonna play forever?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend y’all! And I hope it stops snowing down there. I’m jealous that y’all got snow down South and we don’t have any in Chicago! Have a great one y’all, peace!

  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Justin

    Looks like y’all was wrong Atlanta United one the finals they almost blew a 3-1 in the conference finals but we won’t talk about that. I think this they first Major championship in like 30 years or something.

    I think the Warriors MIGHT have 1 more year left everybody will take vet minimum or some sort of paycut but it’s over by 2020. I think KD still got those burner accounts maybe just run by his brother now because I keep seeing tweets that KD better than Bron and Bron is not top 3 anymore etc that’s clearly crazy I think top 3 is LeBron, KD and Anthony Davis but that’s my opinion. Sticking with basketball I need a new team I am a thunder fan but they just ain’t doing nothing they just get stuck in the middle of the pack Evey year since KD left. Paul George just disappears in the playoffs and Russ just padding his stats with these triple-doubles its sad to watch this team needs to a hard reboot. Who do y’all suggest I become a fan of?

    I heard about the loss to the cowboys but the Saints still gonna run the table and get to the NFC championship game I feel it. I am thinking they meet the Rams there unless something happens in the next few weeks.

    Last thing Minnesota got a soccer team but they trash so it don’t matter but what I wanna talk about is why do cold ass states believe in open roof stadiums it’s super cold here and the team forced the state to build a open roof stadium and actually fucked up the community it was built in kicked out lots of peoole from their homes and closed losts of businesses on top of that stupid stadium they can only use maybe 5 months out the year. What do yall think about this trend in sports (open roof stadiums)

    Anyways y’all have a good holiday and good weekend


  6. rodimusprime

    Happy Holidays Rod, Justin and hopefully Karen,

    I’m glad the players went to the players association. It’s ridiculous for a new coach to show up and start ramping up practices-as thought practice is going to make the team better. Maybe the team is fine but they need a coach who can build around their talents?

    We see this strategy all the time-a new boss comes in and decides that the blame for underperformance is labor, not management.

    And shame on the Bulls management for being so lazy that their solution was to simply get a member of the Spurs coaching staff to Coach their team. Just because a strategy works in one organization doesn’t mean it automatically translates to another one. That’s like saying what works at Amazon works at Google. Not true at all.

    Just pure laziness.



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