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PG 174: Everything’s A Hoe

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss Sandra Bullock, Justin’s work issues, jealousy, accountability, driving to work in the snow, injury update, The Real Sidechicks of Charlotte, Black Lightning, listener feedback and reality TV show news.

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  1. rodimusprime

    Karen. It’s always a joy when I hear you on the PreGame and BDS. It’s as if I’m listening to an old episode of TBGWT when Justin was available during the week and Justin and Rod experienced a bout of depression because they were reviewing True Blood.

    Si the Real Side chicks of Charlotte is a real show with real people?? I legit thought it was a skit that someone made up or something. Let’s be honest, I thought y’all niggas was just making fun of your city lol. I thought maybe because Justin is addicted to reality TV that y’all made up a show. I know Google is a powerful tool and I could look this show up for myself. But why do that when I listen to the Pre-Game and I can just imagine the buffoonery with your commentary?

    Pre-Game 147 was a few months before the live show happened, and Justin was like “do you need me to work the table for you, or do they have people do that for you?” That was beautiful man. I meant to write in and take a moment to appreciate your friendship, but I got busy. But it was a touching moment that y’all just skipped over because your friendship is real and Justin’s love for Rod, Karen and the brand of TBGWT is genuine.

    Don’t get too comfortable, Justin, you still the problematic fav!! And i don’t care what the rest of the listeners say, Justin the best guest TBGWT has ever had and will ever have!!

    Lol that’s all I got. I have too many damn TBGWT shows in my Apple podcast app, and yet there are never enough!! Love all of you, let me finish this old episode of Pre-Game so I can catch up to this week’s episode.


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