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1811: Fantasy Hate Crime

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Rod and Karen discuss Rod’s random thoughts, Cardi B defends her publicist, Oprah won’t host Oscars, BWW parking lot fire, Lyft helping food deserts, NC politics, John Gray buys wife car, Mahershala Ali apologizes, Russians targeted black people in 2016, black Santa vandalized, white man has car stolen by imaginary black man, man bombs police car, cows herd woman to arrest, dog dies after being shot from a balcony and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Has anyone seen Megan Kelly lately? Because I think she’s the one who vandalized black Santa

  2. Anonymous

    I am Black and Latino. You can be both. Black is a race. Latino is an ethnicity. I know “Guess the Race” is just a game, but I definitely won’t the bonus round this week. My point.

  3. Amani

    Rod over here concerned about the wrong things with that pastor. My man didn’t even give his wife the best lambo money could buy. What kind of broke boy preacher is he that he couldn’t afford the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster? It’s only a cool $4.5 million, but my man went with the understated struggle car. You should really be thanking him.

    Don’t worry about what me and my wife do!

  4. Anonymous

    At first I thought you were mansplaining abuse on the Cardi and Offset situation. Listening to this episode, I recognize that it is your resistance to calling it abusive behavior that is bothering me. Recognizing this as abuse is not necessarily the result of being triggered and projection. There is a cycle of abuse that has specific components that have been researched and backed up. Some of those components are present in this relationship. It is not a reach for people to make connections to actual violence because the same things you’re saying about Cardi were likely said about those women who lost their lives (she might take him back, her next relationship(s) might look like this, I don’t know what happens behind closed doors, I can’t say he was violent, they’re young, etc.). This is more like pointing out risk factors for a disease than it is you being triggered by the police. It also sounds like you’re saying people shouldn’t identify his behavior as abusive unless Cardi does or unless she leaves. We can say that Cardi will do what she wants and will leave if/when she’s ready and still call his behavior abusive and be concerned for her and her safety. Repeated cheating is emotional abuse. Elaborate public apologies are manipulative no matter how many people are in on them. In fact, the more people that are in on them, the more problematic they are. I don’t think people should pressure Cardi to do anything in this situation just like I know pressuring anyone to leave a relationship before they are ready is counterproductive. That doesn’t mean that what is happening here isn’t abusive. (And calling it abusive doesn’t mean he is hitting her. It also means we can’t be certain he isn’t.) I ask (genuinely) that you question your response to this just as you are asking others to do.

    • rodimusprime

      I’m not sure what the miscommunication here is because I absolutely said he violated her boundaries with this. I said it’s a tactic abusive men use which is why it’s triggering and makes people think about men who have gone on to be violent and even kill women. I said all of this is way beyond the scope of what I’d deal with in any relationship. They have a very public toxic relationship. I’m not sure how you can skip over me saying those things as if I’m okay with any of his behavior. I’m not. At all.

      As I said on the show it’s “our opinions but her choices.” Meaning we may already recognize how foul all this is but Cardi may not and she may be taking the long road to get there if she gets there at all. So I’m trying not to invest too much into this woman and her relationships which have been filled with abuse since Love and Hip Hop.

      If that’s mansplaining then I’m sorry. I am a man and I was explaining how I feel about the video I watched. It could be a privilege thing because of my gender or that I’ve never been in an abusive relationship. I don’t know. I recognize that my response might have some blindspots to it. But at no point did I say this wasn’t abusive or that he’s not abusive only that she may not recognize it as such. That’s it.

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