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SMR 219: First Man

Rod is joined by J-L Cauvin to discuss the epic  moon landing movie, “First Man.” We also talk some Oscars stuff and movie tangents. You guys know how we get to talking.

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    First Man is, perhaps, the best movie I’ve seen about the space race in the 60s. The amount of effort & lives it took for NASA to land on the moon. Yes, it was a towering achievement during that. At the same time, however, I’m so tired of these movies & how often they’re fawned over like there weren’t any significant space events. We’ve had failures & successes with space, but Hollywood has this love affair with that time. I didn’t have a problem with the performances, expect for Ryan Gosling, who finally broke me. He’s been doing the same smouldering acting since Remember The Titans, &, to be fair, I let it all slide. I let it slide to the point, where I was like, “ah, ya know, Ryan gone Ryan”, but he’s too Goddamn stoic for such a stoic ass movie. I did like how the whole program came to be, yet, I felt the time & effort could’ve been done for a project like this in 2004, when The frickin’ Aviator about Howard Hughes. Ron Howard did Apollo 13, in 1995, which was groundbreaking for its time. Damien Chazelle is a talented director, but, clearly he peaked, IMO. Whiplash was his masterpiece, La La Land was Meh & First Man is just outdated. Not bad, just outdated & dull. Hope his next project is better.

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