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SMR 221: Green Book

Rod and Justin discuss the controversial race film, “Green Book.”

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    Before I go into the movie directly, I want to commend the integrity of Mahershala Ali & how he handled behind Green Book. I know wokes were rooting against it for understandable & irrational reasons, due to their love for Ali, he did what he had to do, as far as his performance goes. As for my thoughts? I did like it, but I didn’t love it. If Mahershala & Viggo Mortensen were regular ass dudes named James & Bob carrying this movie? I wouldn’t want to see it. I thoroughly enjoyed those two together in the car, at dinner, etc. While there were parts of it that were catered to please white audiences, I didn’t think much of it. It just didn’t bother me. The way racism was handle was solid & I feel it didn’t beat around the bush (except for the end, which, nah Bruh). Tony threw glasses away, due to his cism & unconscious racism of assuming Dr. Shirley’s preference for chicken & music choices. Despite the controversy behind it I did enjoy the film. And while the movie has flaws, I just can’t let Wokey McWokentons determine my enjoyment. Let my third eye sleep like a baby, please.

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