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SMR 222: Aquaman

Rod and Karen review DC’s latest comic book movie, “Aquaman.” We also discuss a few trailers and your comments. Thanks for listening.



    Aquaman is the ultimate matinee film. It looks good, good action scenes, 2 good villains, passable plot & that’s it from my standpoint. It’s only as good as the quality it provides. Jason Momoa is OK & I only say OK, because what James Wan had him doing with him being himself, keeps him from giving Arthur Curry very little depth. The comparison you used, Rod, I couldn’t agree with you more. He has moments, sure, but they pale in companion to Chris Hemsworth, who has range. It’s hard to say for Jason, tbh. I like his charisma, but it can only take you so far. Yadya Abdul Mateen II was an absolute standpoint with his action scenes & even acting alongside Michael Beach, Momoa & Randall Park (which, albeit, one stinger scene, but still). Really enjoyed that guy. Amber Heard & Nicole Kidman were fine. I like how colorful the world is. It gives the DCEU a much-needed break from monochrome schemes, plain looking setpieces, etc. I like Wonder Woman & Man of Steel. Neither of those films can touch Aquaman, in terms of visual fidelity. I am glad it’s doing well, all things considered with my complaints. I just hope the sequel fleshes out Momoa, improve the chemistry between Hera & Arthur & of course, more Black Manta.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    I actually enjoyed Aquaman and felt the IMAX format worked for the film because the underwater sequences were beautiful. I loved that you could actually see the film, wish was a nice departure from their usual offerings. I wish they had given Mamoa more to do than be a dude-bro because the few scenes where he was able to show more depth (the scenes where he cared for his father and showed Mera he really isn’t an idiot) he did well in.

    I agree that DC has not earned the right to do a Marvel/Star Wars/Harry Potter length film, but it was a good start in the Post Schneider Era. I actually hope Aquaman does well as its success might encourage DC to continue to put Schneider’s dark vision behind them.

  3. rodimusprime

    > I’m in the desert by myself for a year, and I finished all my classes for my Masters, so I spent the day at the movies!
    > The first one I saw was Bumblebee. I’m so glad I listened to the SMR about the movie, because you motivated me to watch. I like the origin story for him. Was it me, or was Bumblebee’s voice extra smooth when he spoke?? I was excited to hear him speak, so naturally I was disappointed to see his voice get removed so early on. But he was able to show emotion without his voice. The girl was very sweet to him, and the humans didn’t annoy me too much. I’m glad Optimus Prime was in the background, it let Bumblebee shine. I found myself wanting to cry for this robot. I loved it, it was a very nice story to a hopefully lighter and more fun series. And I’m SO GLAD Mark Wahlberg wasn’t in the movie to ruin it! I hate him!! Ugh. Such a nice change of pace.
    > Then I saw Aquaman. I didn’t listen to the SMR for it because I actually wanted to be surprised, but it was fine. The best way I can put it is it’s a good looking movie that I never have to watch again lol. The red head girl and Aquaman was corny. Of course he’s gonna survive. It was whack that everyone survived though. FOR SURE, I thought the red heads dad was gonna die. But no, had to be a happy ending. It’s real comic movie’ish, which sticks to some old tropes that I thought we got away from, but it’s good for kids I guess. Overall 3 out of 5, I might watch it with my daughter when she gets older. It made me want to watch Man of Steel, for what it’s worth (shrug emoji). It’s like a pallet cleanser lol
    > Last movie I saw was Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse. I heard the spoiler review, but I still wasn’t ready. It was more complex, more interesting, and more funny than Aquaman. I cried!! And t was a wonderful origin movie, I love the diversity. The son-father-uncle dynamic was really complex and very interesting to watch. The women in this movie did an OUTSTANDING job!! I really love this movie. Seeing Stan Lee almost broke my heart. This is proving to me that Marvel can do no wrong, and they really are masters at what they do. My god. 5 out of 5. I absolutely will watch this movie again.
    > Thanks for reading this, I love SMR and so glad I get to geek out with some of my faves!
    > CT

  4. Amani

    Rod talked about his confusion about Gareth Edwards directing that trash ass Godzilla movie but also doing Rogue One which was one of your favorites. Edwards got credit for Rogue One, but it was more of a Zack Snyder on Justice League situation.

    Kathleen Kennedy came in and saw it was a mess and they hired Tony Gilroy who everyone admits basically changed the whole movie in reshoots especially the ending, so I still don’t trust anything he does. And for the record Karen did NOT see Godzilla with you, but she’s heard the disgust enough to know how bad it was.

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