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TNO 124: Toxic Masculinity Avenger

Rod is joined by Karen, Aaron and B Touch discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Deadpool 2 trolls Avengers, Lois Lane may not return to DCEU, Netflix Ghost in the Shell anime, Into The Spider-Verse made all the money, Lucrecia Martel disses Marvel, Bumblebee sequel idea, apps are tracking you, Toxic Avenger reboot, sex robot conference canceled, Border Town canceled, Marvel Netflix character rights, Joel McHale cast as Starman, Insomniac makes a bad tweet, My Hero Academia returning, Fortnite law suits piling up, Todd McFarlane defends Venom, Die Hard officially an Xmas movie, Adam McKay was approached to direct Galaxy 3, Fast and Furious 9 news and why Funimation left Crunchyroll.


  1. Amani

    I have to commend y’all for telling the truth and bringing the energy of righteousness into the new year. Shame on anyone who disagrees that Die Hard is a Christmas movie! Are we talking about the film where a down on his luck cop flies across the country and overcomes ANY obstacle to be reunited with his wife and save his marriage on Christmas Eve?

    John McClane is befriending Black people and spreading Christmas cheer the whole movie and people want to hold it against him just because it’s with bullets? Also we got my favorite character, the Asian terrorist who just wanted candy bars the whole time. More diverse than a lifetime Christmas movie and twice as loving.

    So did y’all buy your tickets to Us yet? Not the movie, the 2.5 hour trailer breakdown. I love the excitement, but damn niggas were discussing plot themes and creating twists in their heads like the movie doesn’t come out for another 3 months. This is the same thing that got people mad at Iron Man 3 when they saw all them suits in the trailer and were mad the movie wasn’t what they imagined. This is exactly why Marvel straight up lies to you in their trailers now.

  2. rodimusprime

    Dear Rod and Karen,
    Happy New Year. Hope you enjoyed your time off.

    Today, I decided to go back in the archives and listen to some old premium episodes I hadn’t heard before and picked Nerdoff 49. Goodness it was so funny and still pretty relevant in terms of the think pieces people write about comic book movies. The best part, though, was all the excited feels for Batman v Superman and then thinking about the mess we got.

    Thanks, as usual, for your hard work.


  3. brooklynshoebabe

    The only reason I didn’t see Avatar in the theaters is because I was pregnant and on bed rest, so I had to wait until it came out on DVD. I really enjoyed it. The only beef I had was it was too long, but you can’t tell James Cameron shit after he won all the Oscars for the annoyingly long Titanic (which I’ve never seen all the way). I always enjoy a James Cameron movie since I was a kid. I remember standing in line for two hours opening day for Terminator 2. I do agree that there is a DC curve, and last month I was more excited to see Aquaman than I was Into the Spiderverse. Butt after seeing the Spiderverse I have no desire to taint my joy with Aquaman, at least not on the big screen because there’s enough gifs of shirtless Jason Momoa on the internet for me to enjoy. lol. (I never saw Justice League because I pretty much gave up after BvS and the terrible Suicide Squad.)

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