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BDS 286: Marvin Lewis’ Conscious Uncoupling

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Antonio Brown, black coaches being fired in the NFL, Marvin Lewis, Baker Mayfield comes clean, Markelle Fultz expected to return, Matt Patricia be late to shit, LSU player kills would be robber, MAGA boxer gets beat, GM shades Lebron and Rich Paul, Lebron apologizes for IG post, Jennifer Roth goes dark, Steve Kerr, Harrison Barnes comes for Cuban’s neck, James Harden’s mom, Floyd Mayweather wins a fight, Josh Gordon evades security for New England, Ryan Clark, The Steelers and Antonio Gates disagrees with Bron.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, Dominic and Jarian Foster,

    I’m only writing in this week to say if the Eagles, Rams, or Cowboys don’t beat these Saints and keep them out of Atlanta all those teams are simply trash. No disrespect.

    I know what yall are thinking, how can this dude talk even after that 28-3 situation? I’m telling yall….this evil which we call crime…will go up if the Saints come to Atlanta for the Super Bowl. Because there’s nothing else for us Falcons fans to do Sal.

    Peace yall,


  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Butler

    Jimmy Butler raising hell on the Sixers and picking a fight with the coach, who could have guessed? Rod do you ever get tired of being right? I guess this is what happens when you don’t trust the process. Antonio Brown’s running buddy wants Embiid to set him up more, meanwhile Joel getting elbowed in the face by Simmons trying to stack triple doubles. It’s getting spicy in Philly! And quiet as it’s kept KAT been balling lately and now he’s free with Thibs getting fired.

    And speaking of Rod being right, he’s been telling us about Nick Foles for a minute now, and guess who has the Eagles winning in the playoffs again. It’s not gonna happen but if he won a second Super Bowl you have to keep him right?

    You see Steph auctioning off his NASA 6s for STEM research? Now that’s how you flip a PR move! He heard Kyrie backing him up and decided he needed to do something big to get the science community on his side so he doesn’t get roasted.

    P.S. sad to hear CIAA moving from Charlotte to Baltimore. I guess with no Fancon on the schedule they had an open weekend in that convention schedule.

  3. fyahworks

    Salutations Rod, possibly Karen, & Joll tide!

    I don’t watch much college football but I was happy to see Alabama lose! I get tired of them being in the championship game! I’m tired of the politics in college football period but whatever! Like literally right after the game ended, y’all got a preseason top 25? With Clemson and Alabama #1&2 respectively? Nigga please!

    Did anyone do a wellness check on the beard after the Greek freak bussed him upside his head? How ironic there’s a State Farm commercial with Chris Paul’s garage getting ranksacked by a “buck” then a a buck ranksacks harden face, the same week!

    Lastly, it’s Crazy how the scoring has went way down since the playoffs started!! That bears game must have been a heart breaker for Mack, trubitsky and all of chi town! Do you cut parkey after that? I mean he missed like 5 crucial field goals all season!

    Todd Bowles is back where he should be, as a defensive coordinator! What are you guys thoughts on the jets hiring the Miami coach Adam gase?

    I’m out


  4. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen, Puerto Rico Suave and Jarson Wentz’ Broken Back,

    Happy News y’all! I hope y’all had wonderful new years and celebrating another lap around the sun.

    How smart do the Colts look now for letting Andrew Luck rest and heal up completely before putting him back on the field? Conversely, Carson Wentz’s back bones are more broken than the Sixers offense. How bad of an idea was the Eagles letting Wentz play this season? Why would they do something like that? Even the Browns haven’t done that kinda shit before and they’ve had 34 QBs since 1999.

    Giannis must’ve been a monster at dodgeball as a kid, right? He took a stand against James Harden and spiked that nigga in the face! Giannis is the hero we need in these times. I will fight so much air if Harden wins MVP again. Russell Westbrook averages a triple double in back-to-back seasons and can’t win 2 MVPs, but James Harden drawing fiftyeleven And 1’s is okay?

    Do y’all know how nice it has been to blow the dust off my Andrew Wiggins agenda? To watch Wiggins and KAT *flourish* in the weeks since they didn’t have some angry try-hard ass nigga fuck up the spacing and offense. And Thibs is gone too? I think the future is bright for the Timberwolves.

    As someone who enjoys watching young talent succeed, Joel Embiid’s MVP campaign seems like a distant memory, like the last time the Sixers actually reached the Finals. Cleveland’s chamoionship trophy is still shining brightly, by the way. Do y’all think the Sixers can salvage their season and recover from this case of full blown Jimmy Butler?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! Pewce y’all!

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