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TTM 51: The Last Seven Weeks

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    This episode wrecked me. I wasn’t ready for the big reveal. I know it was an accident but what did Nicky’s dumbass think playing with live grenades. I cringed during that entire scene because I had flashbacks to the time when I was in basic training and we had to throw live grenades, just as I pulled the pin I sneezed and I didn’t throw the grenade far enough. My life flashed before my eyes and if it wasn’t for the quick thinking of the instructor, I would be dead so I can’t imagine why he thought it was a good idea to use live grenades around a child. That being said, I know it was an accident and I can’t even imagine the guilt he must have felt and the price he had to pay which was losing the love and respect of the only person who always went to bat for him, Jack.

    But I have to admit, I’m disappointed that Jack cut him off. It doesn’t seem like Jack even asked why. On the other hand, I’m not sure why Nicky didn’t tell him in that letter when he wrote to Jack. Maybe Jack felt that Nicky was more like his father than he thought and wanted to cut that cancer out of his life. And now they will never reconcile.

    I was so sure when Kevin and the crew went back to the trailer they were going to find Nicky dead. But I’m glad they saved him. Kevin has shown tremendous growth over these past three seasons and he may now be my favorite Pearson. Randall is still in the dog house for me and Kate, well, I never liked her and still don’t. Fight me.

    I haven’t cried in a couple of episodes but they got me in the last ten seconds of the show. Looks like this show is finally back on track.

    Evie E

  2. Vinylcollectors

    Hey Rod and Bassey! This is Us got me with this last episode! I was straight up bawlin during the scene between Jack and Nicky in his camper. Specifically when Jack showed Nicky the photo of his family and Nicky was just looking at it and saying how nice Jack’s life was. The actor played it perfectly- you could see he was choking back tears. Here was his brother who he was super close to growing up and this extended family he would
    never know because Jack has just asked him never to contact him again. So heartbreaking and honestly I am shocked that Jack could be so cold!!! This is the first time I didn’t like Jack. That’s his blood- to not even hear him out about what happened over there is wrong and honestly very out of character for Jack. Can’t wait to see where this storyline goes. This is Us casting continues to be spot on- all the “Nickys” felt like they could have been the same person aging to me and they were all really great actors. Thanks again for doing these recaps! I look
    forward to them!

    • Vinylcollectors

      Sorry for the double posts but I just had to add that it is disappointing that Jack didn’t hear Nicky out especially because there had been no indication that he’s done anything bad like that before. As far as we’ve seen Nicky was a good kid he just didn’t want to go to war. And as far as we’ve seen Nicky and Jack were close as brothers. So why wouldn’t you hear him out? I can understand if it was Jack’s father in that situation and you have years of him being abusive and cruel but with Nicky why would Jack assume the worst? Especially when we’ve seen how calm and understanding and protective of Nicky (as a child) Jack is. It just seems really out of character.

  3. rodimusprime

    Wow ,it was a straight up accident !

    Wow Rod and Bassey this episode was tough and gave me that good This Is Us gut punch ! Now I’m starting to get why you two like Kevin so much , that was a great move by him – not making the same mistake Jack made with dealing with Nicky and heading back to his place.

    We see what COULD have happened if they didn’t drive back to Nicky’s . Thank god Randall grabbed that gun . It was a freaking accident – just wow and he never got to tell jack what really happened. (Nicky not getting to make peace with Jack before he died was such real thing to show – so sad too)

    Shoutout to Miguel for those honest thoughts about Jack and the darkness that was inside of him.

    This was a tense but good one!

    Thanks again Rod and Bassey,


  4. SymSymma

    Hey Rod & Bassey!

    Michael Beach only playing ain’t shit characters made me cackle for a full 3 minutes. Hilarious and so true! These writers made me so angry at Randall that I went on IMDB to see who is doing this to my faves. I’m not ready to watch the next episode because I don’t want to cuss, but I want to prepared for the next This Too Much.

    Thank you both for saying all the things that bugged me in this episode.

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