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PG 178: BBC Girth

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss Glass, women shaving their face, online conversations vs offline, Surviving R Kelly, BBC Earth documentary, Daredevil Season 3, a moment of Iyanla, pre-game news and we play some Fucking With Black People.


  1. fyahworks

    Hey rod and Justin!

    Can’t tell you how much I look forward to the pg/bds combo each and every week! I feel it’s my duty to write in even if it’s just to say 5 stars! Speaking of 5 stars, I hear you campaigning on the regular show. My conscience is at ease knowing I did my years ago!! With that out the way, I was curious if there will be a 2019 live show in the Queen City? I missed out last time and I wanna get my ducks in a row to come meet you, Karen, and Justin!

    Also speaking of live shows, is it true nbc trying to get steve Harvey out the paint. (With his talk show) for Kelly clarkson? Will he be continuing all them other shows he was doing? Like the kid show ? Is he the black Ryan seacrest? And lastly what’s ya thoughts on Steve hosting the nfl honors?

    5 stars


  2. rodimusprime

    Hey J’Rodren!

    I miss you guys! I’ve been crazy crazy crazy busy since NegroCon but of course still listening.

    Of all the hundreds of hours of listening the past couple of years, the thing that got me to pause and write in, Papa Smurf!

    That Uncle Ben descendant…Cynthia was ALWAYS too good for him smh, get a better picker sis. But anywho this son of a Bushmaster (shout out to STOKES!) While throwing shade at Cynthia’s new boyfriend to Nene and Greg he outed himself as a Steven A Smith fan. Apparently Cynthia’s new man works at Fox Sports and he was all talking about some whet, I dont know nothing bout some Fox Sports, Iwatch ESPN with my fellow brother in ash Steven A Smith. My eyes immediately squinted, my nose started to flare and my mouth snarled. Needless to say what he said hit me in a weird way. Now yall talking about how he don’t like dark skin women with blonde hair… Whew Chile. Go sit down somewhere while I call ICE on you so you can gwan back to Jamaica mon. Know what never mind we still going through a govt shutdown so ICE wont VR available…

    Knowing nothing about Steven A other that what yall talk about I still say eff that niglet!

    My eyes are closing, too tired to proofread, I hope this message is cohesive and sound.

    Mrs. Krysable OUT!

  3. katrese206

    I’m beyond thrilled to finally welcome Rod to the Iyanla family. I rarely watch the show anymore… it’s more enjoyable to hear my favs discuss her shenanigans… LOL.

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