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BDS 288: Factory Model Kardashian

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss listener feedback, Serena Williams, Kyrie apologizes to Bron, Travis Scott talked with Kaepernick, Davidson won’t retire Steph’s jersey, John Elway disses Vance Joseph, Adrian Peterson speeding, Rooney Rule tweaks, Patrick McCaw, Stephen A trolls Cowboys fans, Cam could sit a year, Tony Beckham beats up pervert, Dennis Smith Jr on the trading block, Shumpert didn’t want that smoke, TCU cop prank, Popovich not sure if he’s still coaching, Lauren Sanchez getting bags, Terrell Owens petty, Maori Davenport, Bill Vinovich, Cody Parkey, Blake Griffin settles with baby mama and Khloe might get pregnant again.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, James Jaren 3pt Percentage and Karen,

    I hope all is well.

    Am I wrong for wishing we had gotten a Saints vs Patriots Super Bowl?

    Cuz I wanted to see what it’d look like for Saints fans to annex Lenox Mall and claim the city as their own? Lord, Saints fans going to Atlanta for the Super Bowl could have been the fanbase equivalent of Rick James grinding his boots into Eddie Murphy’s couch! I don’t live there, so that shit could have been hilarious.

    Hell, it could’ve been almost as funny as hearing Saints fans roast Kyle Shannahan for not running the ball and losing the Super Bowl…only for the Saints to lose cuz Sean Payton didn’t run the ball. Huh. Strange how that works out.

    Oh and that was the most egregious blown call I think I’ve ever seen? Even the substitute refs from that one season would’ve called that as PI. But shouts out to the Rams for partying and admitting the call was bullshit.

    If Russell Westbrook can’t win back to back MVPs for averaging a triple double for 2 straight seasons going on 3, then how in all the crooked tooth fuckery can folks talk about James Harden winning consecutive MVPs? Is basketball not a sport of standards anymore? 61 points to beat the Knicks?! 5 of 20 from the three? Is Mike Dantoni stealing checks? What exactly is he doing that any nigga with a suit couldn’t do?

    Boogie coming back for the Warriors might make them loom unstoppable, but honestly? Does anyone think a squad with Boogie, Donkey and KD won’t find a way to each other in the feet? Since being in the league together, either Boogie or Donkey has led the league in techs with the other close behind. No way them niggas don’t drag each other into some knuckleheadery.

    Hue Jackson telling Haslam and Dorsey to “get the fuck out of my office” warmed my heart.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful, warm and safe weekend. Especially the warm part. Peace y’all.

  2. fyahworks

    What’s poppin’ Rod & jictor oladipo, and maybe Queen K!

    First off thoughts and prayers to dipo, who is out for the season!

    Questions for the panel:

    1) How long y’all think harden can keep this up before running out of gas? I mean it took ever strand of his beard to barely beat teams lately. His putting up big numbers and he is on a historic streak, but I wonder if or how effective he will be when it really counts down the stretch!!

    2) ain’t it crazy when a team says they interested in you but not willing to cut the last man on the bench and the water boy? If lala’s husband isn’t able to join Justin’s Lakers where do you think he should take his non-talents? Or rather where do you think he will end up? I hope this is his last year. After a season like this, I don’t see how a team finds interest next year, but I could be wrong!

    3) lastly did you guys hear the saints season ticket holder wanna sue the nfl? In the words of Karen, “what happening here?”

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen and Jarry Naman

    Who the hell is that? Well, in 1997 this dude Larry Naman went to a Maricopa County meeting in Phoenix and shot a councilwoman because she supported public funds for a new baseball stadium. Somehow (guess the race) he got out in 12 years and showed up AGAIN this week mad that they’re renovating the Suns arena. Not only do I need to nominate him for the ITWAN Balls of the Year award, but the fact these niggas take it so seriously has be wondering how those Saints refs made it out of the stadium.

    Justin doesn’t even watch the games and he could have made that call! I guess they were on that tip with Bo and wanted to make sure Atlanta stayed safe. Shout out to him, DPalm, and FalconsDiva so they can at least enjoy their city for the next two weeks without NOLA burning it down. At least in the AFC, Balls Deep listeners knew better than to trust a Black QB against Tom Brady. Trying to get folks off that narcotic for the sake of the culture.

    And shout out to Rod’s Boogie agenda getting new life. As ridiculous as Harden has been this year, the fact he needed 61 to beat my trash ass Knicks lets you know that team has serious problems. The only way the Warriors don’t make it again is if someone messes up their chemistry. You know, like working in a former all-star with an attitude who likes to get technicals at the worst possible time. Alright y’all have a great week

    P.S. The CLASSIC Balls Deep theme byke! I didn’t realize how much I missed hearing that greatness, but was still on key in the office.

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Justin and possible guest/ Karen (I be late to records so I really never till I listen)

    First off my 5 appearances on balls deep are the best ones of all time never lost!! I got Kobe numbers out here y’all step your guest host numbers up. So I attached a picture there was a NFL even last year in Atlanta and my home LOVES the Patriots he got a sweater made with the 28-3 and took a picture with Robert Craft in Atlanta!!! Nigga that Dr Doughstacks level of petty.

    I am hurt my Saints lost and that clear pass interfere call was some bullshit fuck them refs. But congratulations to the St Louis Rams. The ain’t been in LA long enough to be getting the claims like that. I hate the Patriots but dammit Tom Brady going to another Superbowl I think this his 5th in a row 8 in last 10 years I can safely say he is GOAT levels.

    On to basketball I am really feeling the new rules makes the games go faster but these point totals are getting crazy forgot what game it was but some teams are put up like 140 points this shit is crazy but also fun. And lastly Bron is gonna pass MJ and maybe Kobe for points leader it’s crazy he’s already 5th in scoring all time he is really just too good.

    Anyways y’all be safe


  5. KungFuTreachery

    Came just to say that I need to see the ratchetry that will happen with the Saints and the Patriots down in Atlanta!

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