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TNO 126: Diversity In Trash

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Kriss discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Overwatch team, Game of Thrones spin-off casting BLACKS, no Men in Black / Jump Street spin-off, Star Trek 4 shelved, Superman: Red Son, Batman: The Long Halloween, Into The Spider-Verse spin-offs, Star Wars Resistance renewed, Mary Poppins getting sequel, Bungie splits Destiny from Activision, Mortal Kombat animated movie in the works, Disneyland raises prices, Vision and Scarlet Witch series, Dark Phoenix budget blowing up, DC’s New Gods movie villains revealed, Venom sequel going into production, Marty the robot helper, Captain Marvel pre-sales, Michelle Yeoh getting Star Trek spin-off, Bumblebee barely made money, Adam McKay talked to Marvel, Xbox Game Pass quests, Daredevil petition, Ghostbusters sequel, Kevin Hart cast in Monopoly movie, Bird Box challenge, TMNT reboot, KiKi Layne wants to be Storm, Harley Quinn movie trilogy, Bandai employees embezzling, Soulja Boy, Netflix raising prices, Spider-man Far From Home features trans actors, EA messing up Star Wars games, Naomi and Randy Pitchford.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod & assorted nerd off players.

    Just a quick question, any folks out there watching Gen:Lock on Roosterteeth/VRV.

    It’s an American CGI series with anime elements. Plot is sorta Avatar crosses with Gundam. Michael B Jordan is the lead voice actor.

    Would have been excellent Saturday morning fare back in the day.

    I’ve watched the two episodes so far and it seems pretty good.


    David from Olympia

  2. Amani

    It’s time for the victory lap! Raise your hand if you called Black Panther being nominated for Best Picture. Oh it’s just Rod and Kevin Feige? Well alright then. Oh what a time to be alive. And now Disney is just giving the crack away for free AND donating to the United Negro College Fund for Black History Month? Your fave could never!

    And Poor Ben Affleck, man. He was coming off The Town and Argo as an Academy Award winning director and got the chance to write and direct Batman. For as much as we all were let down by the team-up that shall not be named, his acting was one of the saving graces and he redeemed himself for Daredevil. And yet since then my man lost his script, directing gig, and his marriage before he officially got shoved out of the door for a younger Batman. He didn’t ask for any of this.

    • Amani

      P.S. That Hobbs and Shaw trailer just dropped and nigga let’s go! I can’t wait until we find out Idris got enhanced with some of that Raptor DNA from Jurassic Park. I’m all the way in.

  3. mya220

    Hey Nerd Off Crew!

    I don’t comment too often but The Nerd Off is definitely one of my favorite podcasts periodt. After hearing your excitement over Kiki Layne’s campaign for Storm and with Rod being right about Chadwick Boseman being Black Panther, it got me wondering which actors would you all re-cast for the major X-Men and Fantastic Four characters? This is all fun of course so feel free to race/gender bend all you want. Thanks!

  4. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Nerd Off Crew,

    This will likely be long as I am going to be talking about the DCU streaming service, so Rod, feel free to not read it all.

    Hearing you talking about the DC Universe streaming service on the Diversity in Trash episode, I had to drop this note. I bought the subscription when they had the get 15 months for $80 deal, so I’m basically playing $5.33 a month for the service. I figured I would get to watch all the animated movies that I had not seen and looking at the cost of the sets (Justice League, Batman Beyond) that I forget to get when they first came out to join my Batman the Animated Series collection, I would come out ahead. While searching, I discovered Young Justice, and maaaan, that shit is so damn good. How do you own Young Justice, The Justice League, Batman Beyond and Batman the Animated Series and still fuck up your presentation of Batman in Titans, which you advertised as your flagship show. Batman is not a monster, he can be a dick, but he is not a sociopath who is out there killing people and destroying the lives of everyone who breathes in his direction on a daily basis. Guess what, Robin/Nightwing does not hate Bruce, but you running with multiple episodes of “Fuck Batman,” as Dick Grayson still feels entitled to Batman’s money, connections and tech. You say “Fuck Batman,” and I say, “Fuck You DC Universe and Titans.” Heck, I didn’t even hate Titans because the actors who played Starfire and Gar were always excellent. Let me tell you, at a price of $5.33 a month, I still overpaid and I currently have no desire to watch any of your upcoming shows. Man, did you see how Cyborg, who they refuse to put in Titans looks in the Doom Patrol promos? Could you like spend more than five dollars on that look.

    I have never seen a streaming service that is more convoluted and less user friendly. When the stream doesn’t freeze and knock you off, you have to navigate at least three screens to get back to the episode you left off on. When you contact customer service, they tell you the problem is your ISP or your iPad, and you have to let them know that you watch and have watched Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and network television services with no problem, so the issue is clearly them and their crap streaming system. Regarding Kriss’s comments about the poor reception the streaming service is receiving, DCU sent a survey to subscribers and reportedly got ripped to shreds by pretty much everyone, including me. They actually asked what they could do to make people stay with the service (which tells me that monthly subscribers are fleeing and yearly subscribers might be putting out cancellation feelers as well. I’m not there yet because I am still watching Young Justice and the animated films I have not seen before). My response was create a service that does not function like it was put together by five year olds and costs the $0.99 a month that it is worth.

  5. btouch

    Hey guys,

    What follows is a fully unsolicited ad for Mary Poppins Returns. Please go see it! It’s an amazing, joyous, and earnest movie if a type that don’t get made anymore because everyone wants to deconstruct and darken everything. Don’t let the runtime scare you off – it’s actually about 10 minutes shorter than the original film and doesn’t drag in places like the original does. Plus, she’s sort of like a superhero – her powers include flight, soellcastig, and reading the bloody hell out of people.

    I don’t think game console ports of DC Universe are coming anytime soon. There aren’t even ports of the other Warner Bros. Interactive streaming services (well, as of now, I think Boomerang is the only other active one), and I’m sure their programmers are hard at work on the big WarnerMedia service. The team is well aware now that people want a PS4 or Xbox port according to their FAQ, but there is no telling when they’ll get around to it. They messed up it seems by using the same hierarchy of target points as their other services (focusing on set top boxes), though the number of complaints made me start polling people as to how many people watch things on their gaming consoles. I don’t own any, so I watch everything on my Apple TV or phone. If the DC Universe stuff gets folded into the WarnerMedia service, I wouldn’t care either way: there’s too many of the things I love in the WB library so I’ll be getting that anyways. The new shows on both services (I’ll say it again – Boomerang’s original shows could definitely be better) are a nice-to-have for me compared to all the classic stuff.

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