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1862: Anglo Affirmative Action

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Rod and Karen discuss the Chelsea Clinton viral video, hospital workers fired for violating Jussie Smollett’s rights, MAGA Yelp!, teacher threatens black student, The College Bribe Scandal and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Rod, I think you make some very good points about these parents needing these kids to think that they are worthy in order to keep the idea of white supremacy alive. It makes so much sense why there are so many mediocre white people who are just allowed to cook. That being said I do believe that a lot of these kids knew what was up, especially Lori Laughlin’s kids. They knew they didn’t belong but I think at this point they’re so indoctrinated in white supremacy that I don’t think they see it as taking someone’s spot because they believe they still deserve it. Sad thing is, black and poor mothers are being thrown in jail for lying about their mailing addresses to put their kids in better school districts while these parents will probably just get slaps on the wrist. Dat privilege sure is something.

  2. Forest

    Dog, quick point of information to get to how fucked up this. You’re in my generation. So, you took SATs on the 1600 scale. The scale is now 2400. So, you’re 1460 is equal to a 2140. Their 1420 is equal to what would’ve been a 950 when we took it. So, them kids was mediocre as fuck in some of the most comptetitive in the country. Shit is buck wild.

  3. Phil

    This dude wants to create a “Green Book” for MAGA folks… Whew chile!!! Anyone think that movie would win a Best picture Oscar.

  4. Michelle

    More episodes like this please. I appreciate the way you can express how I am thinking about current events in such a logical yet passionate way. I had to listen to it twice.
    Your point about not having the social connections in a PWI college hit close to home for me since I went to a PWI college.

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