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1863: Less Hilarious

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Rod and Karen discuss some random thoughts, LGBTQ news, Jess Hilarious, meditation replaces detention, Terry Crews, new study on police racism, Roseanne blames Michelle Obama, man brings AK to school, woman pulls gun over leaves, man kills roommate over Chick-Fila bag, woman pulls gun over chicken wings and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I think the problem with Jess Hilarious is the same problem with a lot of internet comics, their comedy doesn’t translate on a larger platform. She come up with a lot of vine and you tube personalities. Now that the the way people are consuming media is evolving some of these Instagram comics can’t keep up with main stream. Their followers are growing but they think they can still say what they want when they only had a few followers. She has been called out for her homophobic and anti black comments before but the only thing that will get her to change will be when her bag is affected. But even the apology means nothing if you’re only apologizing because you’re afraid to lose money. I think she and a lot of these Instagram and you tube comics are unable to evolve and won’t be around much longer.

  2. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    To be completely genuine, I didn’t know who Jess was, but I liked her on that very terrible “Rel” show & kept watching for a rare good joke from her. Then the shit started flying – “I dont need to support black businesses” and calling random people fags and let’s not forget CAPPIN ON OBAMA’S INTERNET BY MISIDENTIFYING YET STILL BEING PREJUDICED AGAINST PEOPLE MINDING THEIR OWN GODDAMN BUSINESS, then being dragged & telling all of the internets she dont give a fuck, only to mysteriously apologize the next day and tellin us to stop acting like she don’t give a fuck when SHE TOLD US SHE DIDN’T GIVE A FUCK! Sigh, I’m tired. Them jokes on that terrible show wasn’t that damn funny. She definitely has a lot of growing to do – preferably off the internet. And she’s a MOTHER…do your kids a favor & try shutting the fuck up. It’s FREE.

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