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1876: Welcome To The Cookout™ Billy Ray!

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Rod and Karen discuss some random thoughts, Bernie calls Trump a racist, Kadak Black again, R Kelly wants the media to lay off, Meghan McCain lying, Old Town Road, man attacks mom over mannequin, shoplifter puncher through wall, Arby’s murder and sword ratchetness.

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  1. CT

    I was listening to Pandora yesterday, and I got so excited when I heard the Old Town Road remix with ol’ Billy Ray Cyrus. I think it was a pretty cool thing for Billy to support this young man’s song. And with Will Smith hopping in the mix talking about let him know when the video gets shot and he’ll be there, I think Lil Nas X has been able to turn a controversy into profit. This was a real cool moment! I’m about to download his song right now. Thanks for covering the story guys!

  2. Evie E

    I feel so damn old because the first time I even heard that Old Town Road song was when the controversy took place. I guess the only top music that I listen to that’s recent is whenever Beyonce puts something out. But I gotta say, that song is a bop. I like the original but Billy Ray goes hard as hell in the remix. I had to pull up Ackey Breaky on my playlist.

  3. Dia

    HI Rod and Karen:

    Honestly, I could only understand two or three words Kodak Black said in the clips you played on this episode. His tongue was hard on my high Valyrian ears.

    But what scuffs my chucks is this:
    I know now that Kodak Black was charged with rape, but what drew criticism lately, especially from the rap community, were his comments about Lauren London. But just last week, many were saying that we should extend grace to Nipsy for his homophobic comments and that he grew or may have had time to grow even further, had he lived longer.

    Now, here is Kodak Black and instead of pleading for growth, it is already we don’t nothing to do with him–ever. I think the Instagram post you read was the only one that eluded to his possibility of growth. This is if those rappers truly care about the comments and not the rape. But none of them gave any indication that his rape charge was an issue for them.

    Listening to those rappers talk about how foul Kodak Black is actually made me laugh. It was so much hypocrisy. And I actually agree with one thing I could decipher in Kodak Black’s “damn, Gina apology,” and that is if you really want to help someone you pick up the phone and reach out to them. I have had friends post things online that I felt they would regret once cooler heads prevailed. And each time, I pick up the phone to see if they are going through something and then suggest they reconsider their tactics.–but that is if you really want to see someone grow (and they don’t have rape charges).

    These people were just bandwagoning a situation and viewed what they did as support for Nipsy and not necessarily what they were just preaching last week. Whew, the sociology of it all.

    Dang it, I wasn’t trying to make this long. Have a great weekend!

  4. Michelle

    Question about Billy Ray Cyrus. Is it just me or is he looking like a Walking Dead cos play?

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