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SMR 235: The Best Of Enemies

Rod and Karen review “The Best Of Enemies.” Is it a Green Book 2: White Savior Bugaloo? Come listen and find out. We also discuss some trailers and your feedback.

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    Honestly, I was looking forward to this movie. Having Sam Rockwell & Taraji P. Henson give us their strong acting performances would compliment them for this film. Sure, the idea of a KKK member & a civil rights activist coming together, reluctantly, as a concept, but I’m learning to accept that we movies like Best of Enemies. It was really good. Rockwell & Henson each give noteworthy moments throughout this movie. Admittedly, I did have an issue with Taraji’s body suit. It looked too impractical, IMO. I don’t how Ann Atwater walked like back in the day, I just couldn’t see Taraji, at least from a physical standpoint, sell that. It would’ve been better if her director just let her walk like she usually does. Rockwell outchea trying to reach that Walton Goggins Mt. Everest with them racist bars. He gets a lot a credit for being funny, which he is. However, he’s really good at this shit. I also liked how this movie didn’t bullshit around racism. From Bruce McGill’s character being insidious to the intimidation of one character scaring a woman into voting no for school integration. Good stuff here.

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