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1903: One Of The Worst Feelings Everywhere

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Rod and Karen discuss Travis Scott donating to Planned Parenthood, R Kelly facing Fed charges, Kodak Black tied to shooting, Lil Nas X partners with Wrangler, Abortions in Ireland will be free, Whitney Houston hologram tour, Washington cyberstalking law overturned, Bridezilla, Thug Day, cousin Peanut video, racist promposal, Eboni K Williams, TI defends MJ, man punches his lawyer, man urinates on child’s memorial, inmate hides machete in fat roll and sword ratchetness.

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  1. CC

    Hey lovelies
    y’all niggas be lying. I would so get my shameful nerdy side down to an anime hologram show.
    Anime that is. Not gonna go watch real people holograms. That shit is just inviting the evil. No no no, not for me.

    Love CC

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Guys,

    Rod, you have the best white woman impression. It makes me laugh every time.

    Hologram tours are creepy and disrespectful. Every performer has nuances of personality, as well as their movements. A hologram can never capture the spontaneity of all the random things that happen during each show that makes it special. One of my favorite memories was of Prince performing in Chicago in 2012. He made us wait over an hour for his encore and he rode a bike (yes like a kid’s size Huffy bike) through the crowd to the stage to perform 1999. We waited because Questlove was live tweeting that we should stay even though all the instruments, except Prince’s guitar, had been removed from the stage. Prince thought it was funny. The crowd thought it was funny. Everything was more fun because we were all reacting to each other’s energy. Holograms have no energy. You’re better off finding your faves concert on YouTube.



  3. rodimusprime

    Hey Karen and Rod, I really enjoy the podcast. I started listening after the VICE video and now I listen to every podcast episode that I can. On the cyber stalking article ya’ll covered, in your opinion, should companies like twitter and facebook be the ones who decide who they want to block on their platform or should the government create some basic guidelines and have an agency that monitors them? I think social media companies are just doing whatever they want right now, but I don’t know if the government regulating it more would actually be any better. -Jose

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