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1904: Weekend At Dany’s

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Rod and Karen are joined by the crew from the Fiyastarter.com Podcast to recap the series finale of Game of Thrones.

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  1. alycecoleman@gmail.com

    #SansaHive checking in! I gotta disagree with Cleveland Brown about the Queen’s motives. Sansa did not grow up thirsty for power. The role of queen that she had been groomed for was a trophy wife, with a lot of cool clothes and jewelry and servants and shit but no real power. She just wanted the drip, like a lot of girls in junior high do, and she lived in a misogynistic society that tells women that’s all they should strive for. But as she grew up and observed a lot of leaders, she learned what it took to be one and decided to rise to the occasion. She knows Winterfell and the people of the North, and she knows a Stark is the best person to lead them. Sansa decided she wasn’t just there to look pretty but to represent the North.
    I loved the episode. It was beautifully shot. Great to see the Starks come out on top. Dinklage should get Best Actor and Drogon Best Supporting. Thanks for all the recaps, y’all! Love, Alyce

  2. Doug

    Hello Sir Rod and Queen Karen.

    I really will keep it short this time. I liked the ending of GoT. I think they did the things they had to do and did it well for the lack of the voluminous amount of JRRM material they had at the beginning. It was pretty cool to hear you guys chop it up (should out to Randolph Terrance) with the guys from Fiya Starter Podcast.

    It’s been a great ride. Thanks for all the laughs!

    Your man in Amsterdam,


  3. Law

    Yo Rod! Sup Karen?

    I’m glad Game of Thrones is over. I watched the last episode one more time then I cancelled my subscription. I’m gonna try Showtime for a week now so I can watch that Wu-Tang Clan documentary.

    I could’ve sworn Drogon was going to burn Jon up, but I don’t feel like speculating on why he didn’t. I like the idea of Bran being able to use his abilities on him, though. He must have that long distance deal or something.

    Sansa said the North doesn’t want to bend the knee to anybody else, but I feel like she just wanted to rule her own kingdom. Bran is the rightful heir to the North as well, so it didn’t make sense to me unless maybe he just wanted her to be satisfied. At least it’s still in the family. And Arya went West! Yay yay! Throwing up them dubs and living that thug life.

    Peter Dinklage acted his ass off, though. I’m glad we’ll get to see these talents on other shows and movies now. No more careers being stuck at the Wall.

    Anyway, thanks for the recaps. This rollercoaster has triggered a lot of emotions from plenty folk, and having to navigate through waves of other people’s feelings while trying to sort out one’s own can be draining. A test of character, lol.

    Enjoy your break! Stay up.

  4. Anonymous

    Nigga, when Aegon Targaryan quoted Aemon Targaryan to find the courage to kill Danerys Targaryan, the very last of the dragon Targaryans. Bruh. This shit had more callbacks than Endgame.

    Also, Jon was apologizing for not being in the godswoods when the night king got clapped up by Ayra.

  5. Anonymous

    The best part of this season was yalls recaps…THEN yall went and got the fiya starters to rock with yall for the finale?! I love it when yall collab!! Black excellenceat its finest!!.I had to comment before they was even finished with the opening rap!

    • Anonymous

      Hey Ser Rod of the Carolinas; Lady Karen of house Tips.

      I loved the finale because it was a quintessential GOT episode. They gave us dragons, manipulative back alley conversations, murder, backstabbing. Then they gave us the boring political drama with grandiose speeches to serve the purpose of whiteness. Witty quips and Tyrion’s brothel joke.

      I’m surprised that greyworm was still there 3 weeks later. He told Missandei they was the fuck outta dodge the second Dany takes Kings Landing. Dead queen or not it was time to get away from these white people.

      I’m convinced D&D knew exactly what type of response this season would get. They probably looked at that outline that George RR gave them like, so you gon just shit in our mouths, George? After we’ve skyrocketed your brand for the past decade.. Aight..

      Thank you both for being supremely charismatic, and helping grow the #DemThrones community. It was a great ride. I greatly appreciate the celebratory nature of your reviews.

      So… our watch has ended. Chaos is a ladder. Ollie still a bitch, dead mother fucker. #SansaHive

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