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TNO 135: Send Kyrie and B.O.B. To The Space Station

Rod, Karen, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback. entertainment, video game tariff, live action Akira, New Gods has a writer, Kung Fury 2, Kristen Stewart Catwoman, CW not renewing with Netflix, Disenchantment, HBO losing subscribers after Thrones finale, Endgame creeping up on Avatar, Borderlands 3, Princess Shuri getting animated series, Sonic movie delayed 3 months, Booster Gold movie, Stan Lee’s manager arrested for elder abuse, Anthem’s twitter stopped for a couple months, Sony buying studios, Bravest Knight, no Arya spin-off, Kevin Hart joins Fast And Furious, Gaming Addiction, Magic The Gathering animated series, Modern Warfare supports full crossplay, Harley Quinn animated TV show, Swamp Thing cancelled after one season, Google Stadia, Alient Covenant sequel, Xbox body wash, PC getting XBox Game Pass, Fox planned X-men crossover, Solo, The Batman rumored plot, Jessica Jones season 3, Uncharted movie released date, Star Wars movies, NASA will allow tourist, Ghostbusters 3 and Twitch streamers can make 50k an hour.


  1. brooklynshoebabe

    Oh, one more comment…Loved hearing about the possibility of Kevin Hart being in the new Fast and Furious movie. I literally texted my daughter when I heard it and said “They’re sprinkling a little Kevin Hart in the Fast and Furious,” because she listened to the episode you had earlier this year (maybe last year) that was called “A Little Sprinkle of Kevin Hart.” It was a nice call back. TNO, bringing families together. lol.

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    Glad you are back. Missed you but I appreciate the importance of relaxation. Rod, I am like you. I’m going to see the Dark Phoenix. I’m not as hard on the X films as others. That’s all. Welcome back.

  3. rodimusprime

    Ep 135: send Kyrie and-BOB to the space station.

    Thanks for pointing the following things out:

    -Netflix and their bullshit ending hustle. M

    I used to think this scheme was “artsy” and “brave” but at this point it feels like a free preview in the hopes of hooking the viewer into the projected franchise. Netflix needs consider the viewers satisfaction. People aren’t willing to throw hours to years into a project just to get fucked over in the end. Dont leave viewers wondering if this or that happened end that shit.

    -And the Bright Burn “fake director/producer” hustle.

    What are your guys thoughts on the success of Google Stadia? I hope Google can pull this off but I’m getting an Ouya vibe.

    Also You take on Back Mirror Season 5

    As always great show.

    Glad y’all are back,

    – Greg

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